Working on The Lexington Line as a Remote Student

In this video, junior Kendra DeAngelis speaks about the opportunities LIM students have to work on the College's student-produced Lexington Line magazine, even if they're fully virtual. Kendra herself is a social media manager with the magazine, located in Wilmington, Delaware.

Kendra DeAngelis
VIDEO: Working on The Lexington Line as a Remote Student

A favorite extracurricular of LIM's Fashion Media majors, The Lexington Line is entirely student-run, covering fashion, beauty, culture, breaking news, and life at LIM. The magazine publishes two print issues per year, and new content is continuously produced and posted to their website.

The Fashion Media BS degree itself is now available fully online too, creating even more opportunity for LIM students in that major to get the real-world experience of producing this magazine and website.