Summer Fashion Academy - Fashion Media


Summer Fashion Academy: Fashion Media Course

Summer Fashion Academy - Fashion Media

LIM College is known for immersive pre-college summer programs that give prospective students a glimpse at what a fashion education with LIM is like. In 2021 Summer Fashion Academy was offered in a virtual format, allowing students from around the world to participate. I recently had the pleasure of sitting in on one of this exciting program’s courses.

Before attending LIM, I actually participated in the College’s in-person pre-college summer program myself. I took Fashion Media, a weeklong, credit-bearing course taught by Professor John Deming. The course focuses on journalism and students work together to create a print magazine over the course of the week.

Naturally, I wanted to see what students were up to in the Fashion Media course this summer! I was so excited to chat with these students about my own time in the program and my current endeavors as the Editorial Director for The Lexington Line, LIM's student publication.

Ever since the pre-college Fashion Media class first started, the student publication has been called Static and it features a student-made fashion editorial. This summer, students worked with Professor Deming and LIM student Francesca Gonzalez via Zoom to create the 6th volume of Static. This year’s theme focused on connection through distance and carried motifs of technology and cellphones throughout the photo editorial. With students coming from everywhere from the East Coast of the U.S. to California and even the Philippines to work on this, it was crazy to see how cohesive their fashion editorial was!


Photo Grouping
girl by record stand

It was inspiring to see what the students came up with and how amazing the photo shoot looked. Here’s what some of the students had to say about their experience:

I chose the Fashion Media course because I wanted to try all different fields of fashion and making a magazine in this program sounded pretty awesome! My favorite thing was how open everyone was to new ideas, and how no idea was a bad idea. I also made amazing friends -- and working on this awesome magazine with them was insane!

Maddie Montague, 17 - Freehold Township High School, NJ

Not only did I help make a magazine, but I also made 15 new friends! It was amazing how we were able to get so close so quickly.

Jacquelyn Trotman, 17 - John P. Stevens High School, Edison, NJ

My college/career goal is to go into the fashion industry, specifically the business side. This course helped me see a part of the industry I didn’t know much about. I was able to learn more about the writing and photography aspects of the fashion business and work with so many different people from all over the country/world, which is incredible. I’m still in contact with my classmates!

Carly Walega, 16 - Ohana Institute, Rosemary Beach, FL

Being able to cook up ideas with some of the most creative people I have ever met was a dream come true. As one idea would build off another, the team brought such insight and a new perspective.

Alyssa Soto, 17 - Acellus Academy

I was nervous because I had never made a magazine before, but from the first meeting, Professor Deming and the student assistant, Francesca, led us through the entire process... I learned so much and met some amazing people.

Abril Valdes, 17 - Miami Beach Senior High School, FL

This course taught me how to work quickly and efficiently, collaborate with others, listen to their ideas, and turn everyone's thoughts into a cohesive, well-constructed piece. And also, to not be afraid to put yourself out there, be different, and try something outside of your comfort zone.

Isabella Socci, 16 - Trumbull High School, CT