A New Student's Homesickness Tips

A LIM freshman shares methods she—and some of her new friends—have found to deal with homesickness and with the loneliness, one can feel in a big city.

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Whether you’re from a different county, state, or country, a city as big as New York is easy to feel abandoned in. You want what’s comfortable and familiar, but you’ll soon lose yourself in your surroundings as you get ready for the mysterious road in front of you.

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When I moved to New York at the end of August, it felt like everything fell into place. I do miss my family and friends back home, but I knew this path was intended for me. That’s not the case for every LIM College student. Big dreams can be overshadowed by too many goodbyes, and it can be hard to settle in.

I’ve spoken to fellow students about their experience with homesickness and how they managed through it. The good news is things seem to have a habit of getting better with time.

One student told me, “The best way for me to settle in was putting up pictures of friends and family in my dorm room. I still get to see their faces every day.” I also asked what was the best way for her to meet new people—perhaps having a new circle of friends was a way to adjust. “The best way to do it is really to just put yourself out there,” she told me. “It might be scary, but everyone is in the same position.” You meet people in classes, Orientation, Student Life events, and clubs. You’ll start seeing people you know around the city, and suddenly it won’t feel so big.

Another great resource I found out about is the school’s Office of Counseling & Accessibility Services. I hadn’t known about it prior to attending, but it’s a comfort knowing there’s someone on staff that you can speak to when you need. It can be hard admitting to your friends that you’re struggling; but the people in this office have a lot of experience, and they’ll know exactly how to help.

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I think the best idea of all is just to get involved. It’s so common for us to hear that as new students, but it’s true. In addition to clubs and organizations, there’s Student Life events from cultural celebrations to ice cream socials. I met one of my best friends by simply going on an LIM-led tour of what’s close by the residence hall. There’s an annual dinner cruise for new students, which was an exciting event when I first arrived.

This school gives us a lot of opportunities to feel like we’re part of a beautiful community, and you’ll quickly feel it, too.