Preventing Transfer Trauma

I’ve found that LIM aids in enhancing students' experiences, which helps make the transfer transition as smooth as possible.


“Here we go again, yet another fresh start.”
“Will I like the new location?”
“Will I be able to find my place and make friends?”
“Will I like my classes and my professors?”

These were just a few of the questions I was asking while generating a list of potential colleges to which I might transfer, including LIM College. I know from experience that it is indeed a stressful process as you feel like you’ve just gone through this as a high school senior. If you’re worried that you may not feel “at home” in yet another new environment, don’t worry! The last thing you are is alone.

I’ve found that LIM aids in enhancing students' experiences, which helps make the transfer transition as smooth as possible. The College organizes events where transfer students, who might be having the same feelings of apprehension, get to meet each other. This is an important perk of LIM's close-knit atmosphere, which makes forming connections easy.

Making friends at LIM College is a lot easier than you may think, even for commuter students who, like me, don’t live in the residence halls. LIM students realize how crucial networking is in our pursued industry. Plus, LIM’s smaller classrooms create great opportunities to truly connect with other students.

LIM professors promote interaction through lots of group projects and class discussions. This encouraged a lot of my friendships. I’ve met some of my best friends in my Retailing course and my First Year Experience course, which helps students get acquainted with the school, the city and other students.

Gaining these friends has helped me shape a much richer experience here at LIM. I’m sure I would not have had the same experience if my classes were lectures in grand auditoriums. Intimacy is important not only in student-to-student relationships, but also the ones we create with our professors.

Finally, there's the environmental change. Even just the words “New York City” can induce stress, as it’s such a big city and you’re on your own. However, figuring out New York City isn’t as daunting as it may seem!

As a transfer student, I was worried that I would continuously get lost and be late for all my classes. However, LIM’s orientation walked me and my peers through what a typical day may be like for an LIM student. This exercise was led by a current student, and it helped tremendously; I was able to make mental notes of the quickest travel routes, and by my second or third day of classes, I had devised my own system of commuting! Walking between the College’s buildings here in the city teaches you what it’s like to work and live here. Your perception going in may be different from the reality!