Should You Pursue a Degree in Cannabis?

Earning your degree in The Business of Cannabis can place you at the forefront of this opportunity-filled industry.

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Becoming a Cannabis Major: What Should You Consider?

Earning a cannabis degree can help you obtain the knowledge and skills needed to earn a job and create a career in an industry that continues to grow at a rapid pace. Becoming a cannabis major and earning your degree in The Business of Cannabis can place you at the forefront of this opportunity-filled industry. Continue reading to learn if pursuing a degree in cannabis is the right option for you.

What Drives You?

When you imagine what your life could look like, what do you see? Maybe you’re hoping for… 

  • Financial security
  • Transferable knowledge and a broad skill set 
  • A successful and fulfilling career
  • Work-life balance and flexibility

One of the many great aspects of the cannabis industry is that there are various career areas within it you can pursue, such as sales and marketing, branding and social media, retail management, product development, manufacturing and operations management, supply chain and logistics, and more. If you are interested in any of these fields, there could be a place for you in the cannabis industry.

Jumpstart Your Career in a Rapidly Expanding Industry

Cannabis industry jobs are on the rise. According to Forbes, the cannabis industry has “explosive employment growth.” In fact, they say that there “has never been a better time to land a job in the legal cannabis industry.” 

Currently, there are 428,000 full-time jobs supported by legal cannabis. In 2021, an average of 280 new jobs were created each day. Leafly’s annual jobs report projects that once cannabis is federally legalized nationwide, cannabis industry jobs could number over 1.7 million. .

Furthering Your Education Can Help You Succeed in Any Industry, Especially a Growing One

Many industries are “leveling-up,” meaning that many current job openings require a degree, even while the field itself is not yet highly populated by degree-holders.

Given this landscape, it’s worth considering what a cannabis degree might do for you: 

  • Increase your odds of getting a job (and keeping it). Many employers now consider a college degree a standard requirement for applicants. But on a practical level, a degree in cannabis can equip you to understand its specific market, which is valuable in an emerging industry. And the more valuable you are to your employer, the more secure your job may be. 
  • Open doors to advancement. A cannabis degree may not just help you land a job, it may also give you a competitive advantage for promotions. And between your professors, peers, and other resources offered, you can build your professional network and pave the way for future opportunities. 

An Inside Look into Attending College for Cannabis and Earning a Cannabis Degree at LIM College

To place yourself at the forefront of this field, it’s essential to learn about what’s happening in the cannabis business now as well as understand what new developments are shaping the industry. Earning a cannabis degree allows you to acquire this knowledge and understand the market you want to build your career in.

In our Business of Cannabis bachelor’s degree program, you will explore:

  • Cultivation
  • Supply chain
  • Social and economic justice
  • Marketing
  • Retail
  • Compliance issues

These areas will be covered in various LIM cannabis classes, such as:

  • The Retailing of Cannabis
  • The Marketing of Cannabis
  • The Cannabis Supply Chain
  • Cannabis and Regulatory Compliance
  • The Business of Cannabis Cultivation and Manufacturing
  • Cannabis Product Development and Merchandising
  • Cannabis Justice Issues

In addition to these courses, Business of Cannabis majors also complete general business and liberal arts courses and elective credits, and complete three internships, including an immersive full-semester Co-op, in their senior year. 

Through these internships, you will gain first-hand experience sought after by employers. You will also develop connections with professionals working in the cannabis industry via guest lectures,  special projects, and more. And, one of the best parts of LIM’s Business of Cannabis program is that cannabis courses are taught by leading professionals in the field.

Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree in Cannabis Today!

Whether you're longing for a career change or looking to take the next step in your cannabis journey, becoming a cannabis major and earning a degree in cannabis can open doors and create new opportunities for you. 

At LIM College, you will be taught by industry professionals, learning from the best in the business, including, for Fall 2022: Dasheeda Dawson, City of Portland Cannabis Program Manager; Branding Bud Consulting Group founder David Paleschuck;; Wei Hu, Esq., founding partner of MRTA Law, P.C., Jesce Horton, CEO of LOWD; Michael Zaytsev, author of The Cannabis Business Book, as well as other active cannabis industry professionals.

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