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Students Preview LIM's First Virtual Fashion Show

The Coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the way our world operates. As a society, we were forced to find ways to conduct normal activities in a virtual setting. Though this could be discouraging, the LIM College Fashion Show Production Club is not letting it get them down or interrupt their work. They have found ways to persevere and host LIM College’s first-ever Virtual Fashion Show, called Exposé.

Unfortunately, last year's Fashion Show was canceled due to COVID-19. This annual Accepted Students Day (ASD) event allows admitted students to get a sense of the innovative, inspiring atmosphere that LIM College offers. As a “COVID Freshman” at LIM, I did not get to experience the fashion show on 2020’s ASD. Despite all the challenges we were presented with, I could not be more excited to watch the virtual show this year!

LIM senior Dani Brand had the opportunity to speak with the directors of the Fashion Show Production Club to gain insight into what the show will look like this year.

Dani Brand - Fashion Show Roundtable

These directors expressed that there were many challenges and triumphs throughout the process but in the end, it is all going to be worth it.

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One of the challenging questions the group faced was: “How do we make the show engaging through a screen?” A frequent collaborative tactic was “overcommunication.” Students were diligent about staying in touch with each other and with their audience to get them excited for the show.

Now that the world is virtual, social media was an ally in creating buzz around the event. This year, the club was able to reach an audience like they never have before. Since the show was previously conducted in-person, there were limited seats. Now, anyone around the globe can tune in and view the show.

This “no barriers” approach the virtual world opened up applied to many of the steps that went into producing the show, from creating a virtual runway, to having the models do body-scans, to even sourcing the clothing! Before the pandemic, the club could only pull clothing from domestic or New York based designers. Now, the possibilities are endless! The club was able to select clothing from international and domestic designers to cultivate the perfect runway show. This makes the show even more engaging and unprecedented.

Though the viewers may be in the comfort of their homes viewing the show, the club still wants to emphasize that it is high energy—no pajamas allowed! You should be dressing to the nines like you would if the show was in-person. Lisa Hallberg, this year’s Show Director, stressed throughout the interview that the virtual show is “Not for the sleepies!” There will still be the VIP party, amazing music, and a beautiful show to attend so that the thrill never ends.

The audience has the power to make it their own personal show like they never did before. At the conclusion of the interview, Brand asked the group to give one sentence to describe the biggest lesson they learned throughout this process. The sentence that stuck out to me the most was, “It is a reflection of why we do this and why it is so important.” The members of this club have shown nothing but perseverance and innovation throughout.

General admission tickets for “Exposé” are free and available at:

VIP tickets are $10. The VIP package will feature a curated kit of “Exposé” swag, as well as access to a live interview with Jerome Andrew AKA “Uncle Juice” Rick Johnson, and Carlton Spence, all iconic house members of the ballroom scene.

Watch the interview