Study Spots Not Far from Your Pillow

As you may have heard, LIM College has a brand new housing location for its students—so get excited! FOUND Study - Midtown East will be home for many LIM students, for whom it’ll be important to find the best places to focus and get some work done. Luckily, there are great study spots offered in the building and within walking distance.

Study Lounge

In-building study spaces:

FOUND Study offers not only great rooms, a fitness center, and a communal kitchen but it has some great study spots for residents. You can get cozy on the couches in the study lounge or study up in one of the in-building classrooms. Ask your resident advisor where you can find these awesome study spaces.

Small Classroom


Local cafés are a great place to crank out some work as you get energized with your favorite tea or coffee. Whether you’re craving a nice oat milk latte or a matcha drink, there are great cafés with indoor seating right around the corner from FOUND Study - Midtown East:

Blank Slate Coffee + Kitchen Midtown

941 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10022

Blank Slate is a personal favorite of mine. I would hang out there all the time in between classes at Maxwell Hall. This cozy study spot is only a five minute walk from FOUND Study. I recommend ordering a rose latte and setting up your study space at the communal table or one of the comfy booths. If you get hungry after work’s done, they have some great food too like avocado toast and salads!

Blue Bottle Coffee

10 E 53rd St, New York, NY 10022

Blue Bottle is another favorite with great coffee and seating. They have locations all over the city, and the one on East 52nd is only a seven minute walk from the new res hall. They’re only open until 6pm, but if you like to do your homework during the day you can grab an iced coffee and get your work done at their bar style table or one of the bistro tables!


Of course, the most spot that’s most conducive to studying … is a library, especially if you need some peace and quiet to write that essay! Luckily there are some great NY Public Library locations near the building, including the most famous location by Bryant Park.

New York Public Library - Stephen A. Schwarzman Building,

476 5th Ave, New York, NY 10018

This library has a variety of study spaces, including quiet rooms with lovely architecture and outdoor tables. It is about a 16 minute walk from FOUND Study, but it’s right around the corner from LIM’s 5th Ave building. This is one of my favorite places to study, so I highly recommend!

New York Public Library

58th Street Library

127 E 58th St, New York, NY 10022

If you want a library that’s a little closer, no worries!—there’s one right up Lexington Ave about 8 minutes away. This location is a bit smaller than the Stephen A. Schwarzman library, but there are still plenty of tables and couches to hit the books!

Adrian G. Marcuse Library (Maxwell Hall)

216 East 45th Street, New York, NY 10017

Naturally, one of the greatest conveniences of FOUND Study – Midtown East is how close it is to LIM’s campus. The Adrian G. Marcuse Library in Maxwell Hall is its own study-sanctuary right in your “second home” in NYC. It has private rooms, computer labs, and quite corners to choose from, surrounded by an unmatched selection of arc.