Target and Ulta Beauty Collide

Over the last decade, Target has been one of the most successful big-box retailers and has remained consistent and afloat despite a growing competitive market. The retailer is famous for being the “one-stop shop” for all your household needs. Target has a great selection of home goods, food items, technology, apparel, furniture, toys, etc. A day trip to Target can appeal to any consumer market!

Ulta Target

The current pandemic has left many retailers in the dust, eliminating the number of brick and mortar stores by the day. However, Target continues to thrive during the pandemic as it remains “essential” and well-loved by many. During this era, it is crucial to be able to go to one store, and access all your consumer needs in one place, limiting how many stores you physically step into.

With that being said, according to People's article, “Ulta Beauty Is Coming to Target: Get All the Details on the Epic Retail Partnership”, cosmetic retailer Ulta Beauty has teamed up with Target in a major collaboration. In more than one hundred Target retailers across the country, Ulta Beauty will be opening “shop-in-shops” which will be one thousand square feet mini Ulta retailers inside Target stores. CEO of Ulta Beauty states that the target consumer of Target and Ulta Beauty is way closer than you would think (Dillon, 2020).           

"This is about two retailers embracing a time of change to lead and innovate," she continued. "Both of our retail brands are coming from a position of strength, and we’re excited to come together to shape the future of beauty” (Dillon, 2020)

In an era where most brick and mortar retailers are struggling, Ulta Beauty has found an opportunity to expand their consumer audience and improve the retail experience for consumers. As many retailers question whether they will be able to remain open, Target seems to be a staple and labeled as “essential” which means that their locations will most likely remain open during unexpected times like these.

The integration of the two retailers coincided can greatly benefit each other as it grants the added conveniences to the Target shopper by adding one more thing that they can pick up while at Target.

The plans are expected to take place starting early January 2021, and the future of the collaboration will remain in question until further assessed.