Teaching Abroad About Doing Business in The U.S.


Last month, I had the opportunity to teach a three-day course at the University of Economics - Prague in the Czech Republic, titled “Doing Business in the United States.”

The course was originally developed by Professor Dan Klock of LIM's Arts & Sciences Department who, upon asking if I’d be willing to make the trip, told me to, “add whatever you think will be relevant to a group of college students from throughout Europe who are eager to learn more about this country.”

I dipped into my tool box and identified a lecture I had previously delivered to a Lumberman’s Trade Association and several presentations I had worked on with Dr. Ken Kambara regarding millennials, brands, experiences, etc.

The experience was wonderful, and I believe the students enjoyed themselves as well. At the end of the day, I came to learn that college students are pretty similar, no matter their country of origin.

Below is a picture of one of my students who has started his own logo apparel company, which his team analyzed for their final project and which his buddies agreed to model.

If you picked these students up and placed them in the West Wing of Maxwell Hall, wouldn’t they fit right in?