Time Management Tips for Virtual Classes and Internships


Time management is a skill that must be developed if you want to have a successful life.

It does not come easy to most people. I remember for my first semester of freshman year I struggled with this--as most people do. I eventually started to realize that I needed to manage my time to get assignments done, avoid stress, and have time for myself. I am the type of person to do a million things at once and I like doing that, but I must manage those million things. I have worked both in-person and virtual internships. I also currently hold positions in a few departments of the school. I tend to take 5 or 6 classes a semester. I’ve developed a few strategies, habits, and found useful tools to make sure I am making the most of my time.

Buy a planner


A planner or calendar is the best way to keep track of the due date of assignments. It also allows you to schedule events, appointments, errands, and tasks. You can also use your phone for this. You can input all this information into your calendar. I put all my plans on my calendar. This also allows me to see how much free time I have during the week. I do keep a planner as well. I find it useful to keep my schoolwork separate from other things. I also like to see what I must do written down. I find it helpful to have the assignments written in a calendar. 

Make Checklists or To-do Lists

I make a to-do list each week. This ensures I don’t miss anything that I need to do. I can also make edits to this checklist when a new thing is added to my to-do list. Checklists are easy to make and can help one prioritize what you have to do for the week. On this checklist, I like to write how long I assume a task is going to take. I’ve learned it is best to do small tasks first and schedule bigger tasks for later. By doing smaller tasks first, it promotes not procrastinating because people tend to procrastinate smaller tasks more often. By scheduling bigger tasks, you can set a period to finish it or set a few times before it is due to make the task more manageable.

 Make a Schedule and Stick to a Routine


Making a schedule is very similar to the other things on this list. A schedule is a way to see how much time you have between classes and other activities. This can be a useful tool so that you can make decisions on how to spend the time you have. I like it so that I can make plans. I find it easier to plan things with a schedule because it tells me when I am free. It also helps to know the start of your day and the end of the day so that you can plan for self-care. This means that you set specific times for work on different projects and classes. If you have online classes set a specific time to do work during the week. If you have a virtual internship set specific hours you are going to work. For example, you work Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9 am to 4 pm.

Take Time to Practice Self-care

It is important to make time for self-care. Self-care comes in many forms. The first is making sure that you get enough sleep. Sleep is important because it is the time that your body recharges. In terms of time management, it is one of the most time-consuming activities and we have to plan around when we wake up and also when we need to go to sleep. It also helps to maintain balance which is the purpose of time management. Living a balanced life is how we avoid stress and maintain a positive outlook on the world.

Don’t Multitask

Hate to break it to all of you who pride yourself on your multitasking skills, but multitasking is not a productive practice. It means you’re only giving a portion of your attention and ability to one task. It is smart to only do one thing at a time so that you can complete the task to your full potential. This also means putting down your phone while you are working. We have so many distractions around us 24/7 but we have to eliminate as many as possible so we can make the most of your time. Your time is valuable so don’t waste it. 


Time Management Apps

There are four apps that I use to help me with time management. The first is any-do.

This app is a three-in-one organizer. The app allows you to set a to-do list, sync your calendar, and create reminders. The second is Outlook. This app is my main app when it comes to planning. I put my appointments, meetings, classes, and any other activity I have planned. It makes it easy to plan things because I can easily see when I am free.

The third is TimeTune. This is a scheduling app. I use it to make a basic schedule for the week and it tells me where I have free time and for how long. It is a great app just to get an idea of what your week will be like and work around the time. The last is the forest. This app is designed to get rid of the distractions on our phones. It locks the screen for a set amount of time. You can see notifications so if it was important you can cancel the session. I like it because it sets a goal amount of time that I want to work without looking at my phone.