Zoom and Mug


Tips for Transitioning From In-Person to Virtual

Zoom and Mug

I know a majority of us prefer in-person classes to virtual, but it’s become the new normal for zoom classes and asynchronous work.

Regardless of your modality option for this semester, all LIM students are becoming virtual right around Thanksgiving. It’s beneficial because if you’re from out of state, like me, it makes it convenient to go home and stay home. Here are some tips to consider when it’s time to make the switch on November 23rd.

Try to keep your schedule the same

Our class times will stay the same, but they will be on Zoom. However, if you’re like me, I tend to have set times for when I like to get homework done. For example, I have class from 9:45-11:10 and 2:30-4 on Monday’s. Between those classes, I’ve made it a habit to sit and get work done. When I switch to virtual, I plan to leave that period for studying and homework. While I won’t be sitting in the Maxwell lobby, I’ll make it work from my desk at home.

Keep your camera on and participate

I know it’s tempting to lay in bed with your camera off and microphone muted, but if you keep them on, it’ll keep you proactive during class. You’ll pay more attention to your posture. Continue to act as though you’re in a face-to-face class.

Hide your phone and close your tabs

Another temptation with Zoom classes is to just work on other assignments in a separate tab on your laptop or to check your phone every time it dings. If you can, leave your phone outside of your bedroom while class is in session. Also, make sure to close all your tabs before class starts. If you know an assignment is going to distract you, you can try planning when you can get that done outside of class.

Keep getting dressed

I think I’ve mentioned this in another blog too, but if you mentally pretend that you’re still going to in-person classes, you’ll stay in that same routine. Getting dressed, washing your face, putting makeup on, eating breakfast, or whatever you do as a typical morning routine should stay the same. If you wake up five minutes before class, you’re just going to want to go back to bed.

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