Transfers on Wheels

Skating is a true love of mine; I skate three times a week.

Group of Students

Before coming to LIM College, I was a little worried about making friends because I am a naturally quiet person. One day I checked my email and saw that I was invited to go skating with the Transfer Student Organization (TSO) and was so excited and shocked how things lined up. I’d be able to meet new people by doing something I love. When I arrived, I recognized a familiar face, Chrystle Greene (Assistant Director of student life). I met Chrystle while picking up my student ID during the first week of classes--she was very kind. Throughout the event, she kept checking on me to make sure I was okay and having a great time; that was comforting. Lastly, at the end of the event, she came to me and said that she saved me a couple of slices of pizza, and I was very appreciative because I worked up quite an appetite from skating. 


During my skating session, I saw some old faces and some new ones. I got the chance to speak to the Dean of Student Affairs, Dean Richards. At the beginning of the session, I saw his customized skates and how unique they were; I just had to say something to him. We talked about many things from skating to where each of us was from--turns out that we are both from Ohio. He is a down to earth guy and I feel as though many people who had a conversation with him would agree. If I had another opportunity to engage in conversation with him again, I would.

Another new face I meet was the TSO Coordinator, Elizabeth Pena. We also engaged in great conversations about personal and educational things. Elizabeth is also someone I’d like to have another conversation with because she is very kind as well.


I would highly recommend TSO events to another student because so I was nervous about attending the event, but the LIM staff was so welcoming. I never felt happier to be a part of an event such as this one.

Thank you to the LIM staff and the Transfer Student Organization for being so welcoming; I had a wonderful time!