Originally studying engineering in college, Alekhya wanted to combine her skills in data mining and software technology with her career aspirations in fashion. Now enrolled in LIM College's Master of Science program in Consumer Analytics, she is also currently exercising her CPT (Curricular Practical Training) benefit to gain great experience as a business administration intern at Fashion Mingle.

Home city: Guntur, Indi
Program: Consumer Analytics

What made you choose LIM's Consumer Analytics program?
I'm an engineering student who is already familiar with programming languages, software technology, data mining, and so on. Consumer Analytics covers similar areas, but also has subjects which are helpful to my aspiring career in fashion, like brands’ consumer experience, statistics, business spreadsheets, CRM, and finance. Also, it is a STEM-designated program, a benefit option for international students interested in working long term in the United States.

What’s it like attending LIM as an international student?
Originally, I was terrified to transition to a U.S. school as an international student, but now I can say LIM is my home! I feel so safe, everyone is friendly, and the college has the most resources I’ve ever seen! Curricula are top edge with the utmost professional faculty who have proper knowledge in the fashion industry.

Describe your internship at Fashion Mingle. 
I am a business administration intern. My work includes responsibilities like helping them in business activities, production management, handling data, strategic idea development, and research analysis on brand growth. My job also involves attending fashion shows, client parties, and marketing events, which really help with furthering my network growth in the industry.

How has your LIM College experience prepared you for the work you're currently doing?
The courses I have taken have helped me in understanding American markets and their business tactics at a global level. I have been able to apply all the practical and theoretical knowledge I've gained in the classroom to my internship. I was also able to work as a graduate ambassador at the college, which contributed to the work environment experience.

Can you talk about the value of working with LIM’s Office of Career and Internship Services?
As an international student, I was very much looking forward to working an internship before entering the industry for a full-time position. LIM’s Office of Career and Internship Services helped me with resume building, company search, and alerted me to opportunities to talk to recruiters on campus! They were also very committed to helping me with my CPT/OPT during career appointments.

Searching for an internship can make anyone anxious, but the staff went above and beyond to reassure me and allow me to trust the process. I really like how I can contact my career coach for support even after I've graduated.