Major: The Business of Fashion 
Hometown: Horsham, PA 

What made you choose LIM as the next step in your education?  
I always had a passion to study something creative. In high school, I wanted to apply to fashion school to pursue this dream, but was held back from doing so. I was attending the University of Tennessee in Knoxville when I decided to take the chance  and apply to LIM. I told my mom, “If I apply and get in, I’m going. If not, I’ll finish out here.” The rest is history—I got in!  

What was the transfer application process like?
Transferring was one of the most straightforward processes I’ve been through with any school. LIM accepted practically all my transfer credits, which is rare—I previously transferred from the University of Tampa to the University of Tennessee, and they did not accept all my credits. With LIM, I was quickly paired with an advisor who supported me through the whole transition, from planning my classes to even offering personal advice.

What do you like best about the Business of Fashion major?
The Business of Fashion major is complex and well-rounded. I love how it takes you on a journey through what business truly means in the fashion world. A lot of the classes are traditional business classes, just oriented toward the fashion industry. All the topics and examples are interwoven into the fashion world.  

You’re completing an internship with the cannabis operator Ayr Wellness. Can you tell us about that?
I’ve actually worked at Ayr Wellness since 2021. I started as a budtender, who would run the register, fill orders, and work the intake desk. This is where my passion for cannabis began. Through being a budtender, I was able to learn so much. It lit a fire under me and made me want to pursue more in the cannabis industry. In January 2022, I was promoted to Sales Lead Specialist, and this is also what I’m doing for my LIM internship currently. 

My day-to-day involves everything from completing sales paperwork to creating posters and graphics for my store! I really love how this opportunity has allowed me to grow personally and professionally. It has expanded my confidence and my artistic ability! 

What are your thoughts on LIM having recently launched its cannabis program?
I think it’s groundbreaking. As one of the first schools to do so, LIM is paving the way for many to follow. Many of the customers at my dispensary are realizing new impacts that cannabis is having on their lives. Through this discovery, they naturally want to learn more about these products. With that increasing passion, I think LIM’s program is a great next step for a lot of people.  

What are your plans for after you graduate?
I plan to take a break and work on building my professional resume. But the more I read about LIM’s Master of Professional Studies program in The Business of Cannabis, the more intrigued I become! The program seems so interesting, and I would love to pursue higher education in that field.