An online student living in Maryland, Delanie is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising. When the birth of her first child temporarily stalled her coursework, Delanie stayed committed to her education, thanks to the scheduling convenience of learning online and support from her professors.

What was your education before starting LIM’s online program? 
In high school, I took general education courses at Chesapeake College through my school’s Dual Enrollment program. Upon graduating, I attended Liberty University online. But after changing my major three of four times, I finally took a step back and realized I had always loved fashion. I actually won “best dressed” in my senior class, and my interest in fashion deepened from there. 

What has your online learning experience been like with LIM?  
My experience has been great. I have plenty of access to my professors and classmates. It not only makes it feel like I’m making new friends, but they always have helpful advice. The professors are understanding about everything that can come up in life and they respond in a timely, respectful manner. I love that this program can fit in with my busy schedule of being a mom and a full-time student and working full-time.  

What’s your full-time job? 
I recently started a position as assistant designer for an interior design company called Come By Chance

What was it like to become a first-time Mom while being a student? 
Having a child in the middle of an online module was hard. But LIM has been so helpful and understanding throughout.

A newborn is a lot of work, especially for a first-time mom. When I struggled mentally and emotionally, I just had to stay engaged in my schoolwork to the best of my ability and remember to communicate as much as possible. Professor Londrigan, my Textiles course teacher, was a big help throughout the semester. 

What are your career goals? How is LIM helping you work toward those? 
My goal is to be a buyer for a major department store chain like Saks Fifth Avenue or Bloomingdales. LIM is helping reach this goal by giving me resources and connections to succeed and move forward in every aspect of the process.  

What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying to an online degree program? 
Know what you’re passionate about and don’t give up! It’s so cliché and simple advice, but very important. If 2020 taught me anything, it’s to not give up on something you love no matter what’s thrown your way.