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General Notice

Update: All hybrid in-person classes will meet remotely until Feb. 16, 2021. For more COVID-19 and Campus Operating Updates, click here.

English & Math

All undergraduate students who enroll at LIM College are assessed in the areas of writing and math to ensure they receive adequate support while completing required coursework.

Students are assessed by either:

  • Submitting ACT or SAT scores for review*
  • Completing the LIM College placement test

In addition, college-level English composition and mathematics courses will be reviewed for equivalency and used when determining placement test requirements.

Students who choose not to submit ACT/SAT scores and do not take the LIM College placement test will automatically be placed into corequisite developmental courses in Writing and Statistics.

For those who chose to complete the LIM College placement test, study guides are below.  It is highly recommended that you review these guides before taking the test.

Additional information, including timeline and instructions, will be communicated to students prior to new student registration.


ACT/SAT Placement Criteria

ACT Math Score NEW SAT Math Score OLD ACT Math Score Math Course


 0-490 0-18 Introduction to Statistics with a corequisite (Essentials of Introduction to Statistics)


500-540 19-21 Introduction to Statistics
ACT Score NEW SAT Evidence Based OLD SAT Writing Only Score Course Placement

 Reading/Writing Score



0-529 0-459 English Composition with a corequisite (Essentials of English Composition)
19-above 530-above 460-above

English Composition

International Students
  • International students who submit official ACT/SAT scores will be placed into English and math according to the same ranges posted above. In addition, if an international student transfers equivalent credit in English and mathematics, from a US college/university, they will also be placed accordingly.
  • Those international students who do not have the appropriate ACT/SAT scores, and/or do not have equivalent transfer credit, will be required to complete both the English and mathematics placement tests (available through Blackboard).
  • Any English or mathematics course completed at an international college/university must be reviewed (via a syllabus review) by the appropriate LIM College department Chair in order to determine transferability and course equivalency.

Study Guides

Mathematics Placement Exam Study Guide

Writing Placement Exam Study Guide

Note: Placement Exams are completed via Canvas. You can access your Canvas account through MyLIM.