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If you’re a fashion lover with a gift for telling a story in words or images, then a career in fashion journalism may be right for you. A career in fashion journalism can take many forms, including writing, photojournalism and social media. The common denominator for fashion journalism jobs is how challenging, competitive and highly rewarding they are. If you’re curious about fashion journalism careers, below is useful information on career opportunities, career outlook, and tips on landing a coveted fashion media job.


Fashion Journalism Careers and Outlook

Fashion journalism is going through a significant transition. With the advent of digital media, publication houses are no longer the sole gatekeepers to coverage of the fashion world. The internet is rife with fashionistas and style-makers with impressive followings on their own blogs, Instagram accounts and YouTube channels. To keep up with this paradigm shift, big-name publishing and fashion houses are following suit. They are hiring content creators and editors who thrive in the digital space and understand their online audience. For example, in an effort to compete in the blogosphere, publications are hiring bloggers for up-to-the-minute reporting. Additionally, the fashion industry continues to grow worldwide. Globaldata.com forecasts the clothing, accessories, and footwear market to grow to an excess of 2.2 trillion U.S. dollars by 2019.

So why are fashion media professionals so important? Because they communicate directly with the public at large, guiding tastes on a mass scale and ultimately affecting sales. Since fashion trends are ever-evolving, the fashion media professional who can influence purchases is highly valuable across the media and fashion industries.


Some Jobs You Can Get with a Fashion Media Degree

Jobs you can get with a Fashion Media degree include being a fashion journalist or fashion editor in both traditional and new media sectors. A Fashion Media degree prepares graduates for these vocations by teaching journalism principles, fashion concepts, and business concepts.

  • Fashion Journalist/Fashion Writer

    Job Description: A fashion journalist’s job description can be summed up as reporting on the latest fashion trends. Their main job is writing articles, blogs, or other forms of copy for media outlets. Work may be published in magazines, newspapers, websites, social media channels, blogs, or shown on television. It’s also important to note that a large portion of a fashion journalist's time is actually not spent writing, but rather doing research. Interviews, fact-checking, and attending events. These are all part of a fashion journalist’s job description and day-to-day responsibilities.

    Fashion journalists may work at a publication or fashion firm, while others are self-employed and submit articles on a freelance basis. Depending on their position, a fashion writer may be assigned work, or may develop their own story idea and pitch it to their editor or a media outlet. Fashion journalists can report in a traditional factual manner, or interject their personality in a piece with an editorial bent or to garner a social media following.

  • Fashion Editor

    Job Description: A fashion editor oversees content development for an entire department. Given today’s diverse media space, content may include articles, online media, photo shoots, television programming, or video production. An editor will ensure that any piece of content is accurate and well-presented. Additionally, an editor takes a big-picture perspective in guiding the creative direction of their department. Story ideas, layouts and prioritization of pieces are some of an editor’s higher-level responsibilities.

    A fashion editor may specialize in a certain sector of the fashion industry, such as couture, makeup, or accessories. Besides supervising content and departmental direction, editors must maintain close ties within the fashion community. Communicating with designers, trend-setters, stylists, buyers, and publicists helps an editor stay ahead of trends, and therefore relevant and influential. Editors are are employed in-house at a publication or fashion firm, although some work on a freelance basis.


    How to Get a Fashion Journalist Job

    Embarking on a successful fashion journalism career means having relevant education and experience. An employer will be looking for applicants with a solid fashion media portfolio. Developing a diverse and quality portfolio, especially at the beginning of your career, is best achieved through formal education in journalistic and fashion business principles.

    A Fashion Media or Fashion Journalism degree from a reputable fashion school is not only impressive on a resume, but more importantly provides the preparation necessary for a successful career. Earning your Fashion Media degree at LIM College means getting classroom instruction and applying it in real-world situations. Our Fashion Media majors work on LIM’s student magazine, do fashion magazine internships, and have even contributed to the Fashion Week edition of The Daily Front Row. Because of all these opportunities, our graduates can hit the ground running upon completing their degree.


    Learn More About Fashion Media

    Continue to explore this industry and learn more about your career in fashion.


What is Fashion Journalism?

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Fashion Media Degrees at LIM College

Ready to take a step closer towards a fashion journalism career? LIM College offers an undergraduate Fashion Media degree program.


Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) / 4-Year Degree

Through the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree program in Fashion Media, you will learn how to craft content that influences consumer behavior. You'll develop fundamental knowledge about both the fashion business and journalism in the new media age through in-class instruction. There are also opportunities to have your work published in the student magazine and complete internships at fashion companies and publications.

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