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LIM College Summer Fashion Lab Reviews & Testimonials


Student Testimonials

LIM Undergraduate Student Alex Kerns:

I participated in the Summer Fashion Lab in 2013 and 2014. My overall experience was great and helped me make the decision to attend LIM College full time. I made a lot of friends, got a feel for what the classes would be like, got to live in the residence hall, participate in a lot of student activities, and have a great time being in the city!

My favorite part of the program was being able to get a taste of what going to college here in NY would be like. I met people from all over the world with the same interests as me and I learned how to navigate my way around an unfamiliar city.

My favorite class was Fashion Writing and Publications. We learned about the industry from a perspective I hadn't thought much of before, and we had the freedom to write about whatever we wanted to on the blogs we made.

My advice for anyone looking to attend the Summer Fashion Lab is to participate in the student activities, keep in touch with the friends you make, don't be afraid to explore the city, and retain the knowledge you'll be taking away from your course(s). LIM College may be a great school for you to attend full time and the best way to determine that is to make the most of your experience at the Summer Fashion Lab. 

LIM Undergraduate Student Vidhi Chowdhari:

I took the Apparel Merchandising class with Professor Erica Lavelanet. I, in fact have her as my Fashion fundamentals professor this year as well.

My overall experience was phenomenal. I was super excited to learn about the basics of the fashion industry and get more hands-on into the program. I took this class because I wanted to know what it would be like if I was a student here at LIM. I wanted to know what it would feel like to learn more about fashion. After taking this class, I feel extremely grateful and I don't regret it one bit. I learned so much and accomplished so many different projects as well.

My favorite part of the class was the final project. In this project, we had to pick from one out of the following mass fashion apparel stores: H&M, Zara, and Urban Outfitters to create our own line of clothing. Through this, we also had to pick out a fashion icon who would represent our clothing line as well. This was my favorite project because it taught me how to become more strategized, innovative, and creative. 

My favorite class I took this summer was Apparel Merchandising with Professor Erica Lavelanet. She is absolutely amazing and there was so much clarity in her teaching style. She definitely leaves you with a whole new perspective on what fashion is all about. 

My advice to future attendees is to "take it all in." The fashion industry itself is so vast that it leaves you breathless. Learn as much as you can during your classes because I promise you won't regret it.

Undergraduate Student Jade Searchwell:

My overall Fashion Lab experience was great! I enjoyed learning about new information and the Professor I had was kind and welcoming. 

My favorite part of the program was going to Mood! That is the famous fabric and supply store in the garment district, where they go on the show Project Runway! That was a dream of mine and it finally came true. 

My favorite class I took while attending the program was the Vintage Clothing Industry. 

My advice would be to enjoy this experience, take in and remember all of the information your Professors teach to you, and interact with others!

Professor Testimonials

Professor Amanda Hallay:

Professor Hallay loves working with the High School Students because they’re full of energy, curiosity and a hunger to learn about fashion, culture, media and art. She says “It is a joy to teach the High School Students who enroll in Fashion Lab.  For many of them, it is their first foray into fashion, and it as exciting or me as it is or them to watch them walk through the door (for the very first time) of this industry we all love.”

Professor Hallay on taking the students on trips in the city: “New York is not only the capital of American fashion, it is a capital of International culture, so I love to blend the two by taking my students to visit fashion forecasting services and consultants, as well as The MoMA and The Met. It brings what we're covering in class to life!”

Professor Hallay on fun assignments and projects that she assigns her students: “From creating their own fashion magazines and blog sites to creating and presenting their own fashion forecasts, I am to give my Fashion Lab students a real taste of the sort of work they would do if they were actually employed within the fashion industry. There is no sitting down and writing papers in my Fashion Lab classes; instead, students get to work with real fashion projects that they learn to produce and present like a real fashion pro!”

Professor Carlton Spence:

Professor Spence says “I love working with the High School Students because of their genuine enthusiasm and willingness to learn at the college level.  Also, an adjunct professor, I am one of their first role models that they encounter before they decide what college he/she will attend.  The first impression is a lasting impression.”

Professor Spence on taking the students on trips: “I enjoy taking my students to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and exposing them to fashion as it relates to the past, present and future.  I encourage my students to be inspired by art, not only fashion. I also enjoy taking my students to Saks Fifth Avenue and walking the men's and women's designer floors specifically to identify current fashion trends.”

Professor Spence on fun assignments and projects he assigns his students: “The photo shoot where the students are the stylists and I am the art director is the most fun and valuable project for the High School Students.  It gives them the opportunity to work on set with a professional creative team including photographer, hairstylist, makeup artist and model and they get to create images for their portfolios.”

“I enjoy teaching during the LIM High School Summer Fashion Lab because I get to pass on knowledge and on the job skills that I have learned throughout my years in the fashion industry.  It is all about being a positive role model for the next generation!”

Professor Janice Everett:

“I love teaching the high school students because they are so receptive and eager to learn. Also because they come from a variety of backgrounds and countries which generates knowledge and expands their experience and mine.”

Professor Everett on taking the students on trips: “In the Vintage Business course I take them to an archive studio in the garment center and vintage stores.”

“In the Forecasting course I like to take them to stores and on trips to a Forecast Service office.”

Professor Everett on class assignments and projects: “One of the class activities the students enjoy is to work as a group to predict a color range for a future season using swatches which is very hands on.”

Professor Nancy Miller:

Reasons why Nancy loves working with the High School Students: “I share their keen interest in the dynamic and changing world of fashion. High school students bring a passion to the college setting as they are the millennial generation which the fashion industry targets the most.  The classroom conversation and student engagement level is high and I truly enjoy sharing my industry knowledge and experience with them.”

Professor Miller on taking the students on trips:  “To The MoMA, The Met, apparel showrooms, retail stores, and of course, the streets of NYC. Outside class activities help them to see the connections between fashion and art, see the business of fashion, and explore first-hand how fashion is a reflection of the times.”

Professor Miller on Class Assignments and Projects: “Real world activities and projects enable students to discover how fashion merchandisers work to research the market, and adapt trends into a collection that will meet the needs of their consumer. Students become “fashion product developers” and create an inspiration board, an apparel style packet and present their work to the class. They truly enjoy it!”