8 Fashion and Cannabis Collabs to Know About

When you think “cannabis” you may not immediately think “high fashion,” but cannabis companies across the U.S. are jumping at the opportunity to collaborate with fashion and apparel brands and vice versa. With strict legal restrictions surrounding cannabis, these collaborations allow cannabis manufacturers to build their brand awareness while not violating the legal restrictions on their products.  

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It’s become trendy to participate in cannabis collaborations. Celebs and fashion companies are always looking to be on the cutting edge of the Next Big Thing, helping the cannabis partnerships to expand and multiply. Celebrities like Wiz Khalifa and high-end fashion brands such as Edie Parker have partnered with cannabis companies or created cannabis-inspired lines, with products ranging from accessories to clothing, furniture, art prints, home goods and more.
Take a look at our list of eight fashion and cannabis collaborations:  
FLOWER BY EDIE PARKER: Edie Parker, known for its high-fashion mid-century style acrylic handbags and housewares, has formed a collaboration called Flower by Edie Parker, which, according to its website, offers “fresh ways to entertain at home or light up a night out.” Products range from patterned rolling papers to lighters, pipes, storage pouches and more.

QUEEN OF THE NILE: NYC-based fashion designer Korto Momolu teamed up with Fourtwenty Collections CEO Marvina Thomas at Arizona’s first ever cannabis-inspired fashion show in September. At the event, Thomas debuted a new cannabis-themed fashion line designed by Momolu for women, with the goal of empowering and inspiring women of all ages and body types.

CANNACITY: Cannacity is a line of high-end clothing and accessories made from hemp that highlights the feminine spirit. Cannacity regularly collaborates with a wide variety of creators and artists to bring unique products to its customers. Hemp-based products are less expensive to produce and more environmentally friendly than alternatives, supporting Cannacity values. Collaborators include Jamie Foxx and G. Gary Gray, as well as WEiC (Women Empowered in Cannabis).

SUNDAE SCHOOL x FLAN: NYC-based Sundae School has teamed up with Flan, a jewelry and accessory brand, to create cannabis-inspired jewelry and apparel. Products include a pendant necklace, flower drop earrings, and a flower brush dye cropped tank top.

POTENT GOODS: The iconic Juicy Couture tracksuit is revamped by Potent Goods, a high-end cannabis company founded by Juicy Couture co-founder Gela Nash-Taylor and her son, Travis Nash. Potent Goods features clothing and apparel, including the beloved tracksuit, as well as cannabis products and accessories.

WEEDMAPS x DIAMOND CLOTHING CO. x WIZ KHALIFA: Rapper Wiz Khalifa partnered with Diamond Clothing Co. and Weedmaps to create a themed clothing line with the goal of drawing together the rap and cannabis industries through fashion. Additionally, proceeds from the collaboration benefit The Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit organization fighting to reform drug policies and criminal justice in the US.

SUPERFLOWER: Superflower is a wallpaper design company that creates their designs from “precise photographic investigations of the natural world.” Their recent collection features a pattern inspired by cannabis leaves.

HUF WORLDWIDE: Clothing brand Huf Worldwide released a capsule collection in 2021 inspired by the 1970s, which features a new comic book-inspired character named Green Buddy. Shaped like a cannabis leaf, Green Buddy appears on apparel, keychains, and even a plush doll.  
From companies that produce cannabis products as well as fashion, like Potent Goods, to companies that produce clothing, home décor, and entertainment items to jewelry and just plain whimsy, there’s little doubt that cannabis fashion is a rapidly growing area.

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