An Emerging Industry with Growing Job Opportunities

An LIM student writes about her attendance at Day 1 of CBD Beauty & Wellness Week 2021.

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On Tuesday, March 2, Career Internship Services kickstarted LIM’s first CBD & Beauty Wellness Week.  This first session featured Philippa Burgess, Karen Meshkov, and Penelope Nam-Stephen, all professionals working in the cannabis industry. Each provided insight into the CBD industry at the intersection of wellness and beauty. With nearly 180 people in attendance, this event was very engaging and informative.

CBD Beauty and Wellness Week 2021
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First things first, the guests discussed the rise of CBD as it is now used in many different industries like textiles, food, and beauty. “[It is a] brand new industry building from the ground up,” Karen said. The most important aspect is the growth potential. All of the speakers noted there are so many areas of opportunity in this industry, especially for management and social media marketing.

“There’s an artistry that goes into social media,” noted Phillipa. She added that social media is a key factor for any business, widely used for providing small CBD brands with a platform to not only sell, but to inform people of the great uses for their products.

Another interesting aspect of CBD is the process of making CBD products, such as the farms and the science behind the plant. In terms of skincare, it was mentioned the plant has anti-aging and acne care qualities. As for ingestion, CBD can help with anxiety, depression, or other mental constraints in day-to-day life.

When working in the CBD industry, it is also key to have an open mind and a willingness to learn. As this industry grows, there are new scientific studies, and legalities involved with CBD products—even in skincare. Staying sharp on what’s new (and approved) is of utmost importance for the safety and the success of any brand, not just those in the CBD space.

The speakers shared tips throughout the discussion that are not only applicable to working in CBD but in other industries, like fashion, business, and media. All intersect and require immense effort in networking and building a community. An impactful brand not only brings in revenue but can contribute to creating a better world.

I think this industry is full of amazing career opportunities for LIM students. Thank you to all the speakers who participated in this opening session, as well as throughout the week.