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Explore: Cannabis Jobs, Industry Growth, and Creating Your Cannabis Career

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Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing Industries in the world.

As the legalization of cannabis expands throughout the U.S. cannabis jobs continue to remain on the rise, with more than 280 new jobs created each day in 2021, according to the 2022 Leafly Jobs Report. Over 75% of the country’s population live in a state where cannabis is legal in some capacity and investors are also flocking to the industry. Consequently, cannabis is a career field that shows immense promise and room for growth. 

When it comes to cannabis industry jobs, in 2021 the cannabis industry supported 428,059 full-time equivalent positions. These jobs not only included jobs in areas such as cultivation and distribution, but also ancillary roles in areas such as human resources and marketing. Cannabis is a career field that has ample opportunity for individuals of a wide variety of skill sets and interests. 

The promising outlook for cannabis industry jobs makes it a great time to pursue a degree in cannabis. A cannabis degree can equip you with knowledge of the industry’s many idiosyncrasies and complexities, allowing you to distinguish yourself from other candidates also seeking to enter this up-and-coming field. 

Cannabis Industry Jobs in the United States

Pursuing a cannabis degree opens up an array of career paths for individuals of all backgrounds. The types of cannabis industry jobs available are expanding and evolving and will continue to do so.

For science-oriented minds, there are cannabis jobs that take place in a lab setting, often with an emphasis on chemistry. There are several roles in a lab that are integral to the production of cannabis, especially in the realm of quality assurance and quality control procedures. 

Many cannabis industry jobs also involve managing operations behind the scenes. Retail management, marketing, sales, and manufacturing are all crucial areas that the cannabis industry needs to thrive. There are many kinds of cannabis jobs for individuals who are interested in pursuing more business-oriented careers.

Types of Cannabis Jobs

The average person who is interested in cannabis as a business career may be surprised to find out about the multitude of career paths the cannabis industry offers. Whether you are passionate about sales, have a knack for branding, or are a manufacturing guru, there could be a role for you in the cannabis industry. Below are a few examples of these roles: 

Assistant Buyer

Job Type: Entry-Level 

Education: Bachelor’s Degree 

An assistant buyer is an entry-level cannabis job that focuses on day-to-day purchasing activities. A bachelor’s degree is often required for this position. An assistant buyer negotiates with vendors, enters contracts for merchandise, and assists with the buying process. 

Merchandising Coordinator

Job Type: Entry-Level

Education: Bachelor’s Degree 

A merchandise coordinator coordinates sales and promotional activities for retail. Merchandising coordinators may also identify trends and collect customer feedback to drive a more profitable retail venture. 

Social Media Coordinator 

Job Type: Entry-Level

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

A social media coordinator handles all social media accounts for the company by actively posting and engaging with customers. They are essential in attracting new audiences and customers. To effectively do this, a social media coordinator must also stay up to date on the most recent trends. 

Sales and Marketing Director

Job Type: Mid-level/Senior

Education: Master’s Degree or prior experience

A sales and marketing director is responsible for creating, implementing, and measuring the success of the sales and marketing teams. They also develop marketing strategies and programs to maximize the customer experience and support business growth. 

Director of Operations

Job Type: Mid-level/Senior 

Education: Master’s Degree or prior experience

A director of operations oversees vital functions, including timely delivery of all products and verifying that all industry standards are met. They set deadlines, assign responsibilities, and monitor progress. A director of operations also determines the scope of projects, deliverables, and timelines.

VP of Product Development

Job Type: Mid-level/Senior 

Education: Master’s Degree or prior experience

A VP of Product Development leads collaboration of key groups to result in the development of quality products and programs that enhance the brand’s competitive position in the marketplace. This role provides strategic oversight to all phases of product development including: trend scouting, competitive analysis, ideation, conceptualization, and manufacturing. The VP of Product Development will also strategically integrate consumer insights and data analytics into the development of product innovations.

Cannabis is a Career

Many employers in today’s cannabis industry seek candidates who are already knowledgeable about the business of cannabis. This includes both formal education, like a degree in cannabis, and hands-on experience. 

As the cannabis industry grows, the demand for knowledgeable professionals to work in this industry is also increasing. Given the optimistic career outlook, it is an optimal time to either start or make a career change to cannabis. As demonstrated above, there are several routes to take to pursue cannabis as a career. 

Does a career in cannabis spark your interest? Develop a career plan:

  1. Assess - Are you ready for a change or to start something new?
  2. Explore - Do your research about the industry. What positions are in high demand, what are the job responsibilities, and is there room for growth?
  3. Decide - Is the cannabis industry for you? If the answer is yes, set yourself up for success by attending a college for cannabis. LIM has both bachelor and master’s degree programs in The Business of Cannabis.
  4. Prepare - Earn a degree in cannabis — whether it’s a master’s or bachelor’s — to jumpstart your career.
  5. Implement - After you’ve earned your academic credential, apply your skills to a cannabis industry job! 

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