Families FAQs

Answers to common questions from LIM parents and families

While there is plenty of exciting information available about LIM College on our website, the below list of Q&A's provides a basic overview of frequently asked questions & answers—as related to your role as a parent/supporter of an LIM College student.

  • Academics & Academic Advising
  • Admissions
  • Campus Safety
  • Career and Internship Services
  • Federal Education Rights & Privacy Act
  • International Students
  • Student Financial Services
  • Student Life
  • Study Abroad

Academics & Academic Advising

​There are several important academic-related dates to be aware of, all of which are posted on the academic calendar. Each semester, the Office of Academic Advising reminds students of the Add/Drop period and the course withdrawal deadline(s) (more information below on the details of each of these). In addition to these periods, families/supporters should refer to the academic calendar to know when registration periods open for future semesters, mid-terms and finals dates, financial aid deadlines, etc.

The Add/Drop period is typically the first 5 business days of each semester at LIM. This is the timeframe that most colleges have at the start of each semester/term, during which students can drop a course(s) from their schedule and/or add new courses to their schedule (if space is available) without penalty.  This time is intended for students to have an opportunity to tweak their schedules to ensure the best and most appropriate class schedule possible.  If dropped during the Add/Drop period, the courses dropped will not appear on the student's transcript.  In the "main-Campus" division of LIM College, students do not need to meet with an academic advisor to add or drop a class during this time. Once the Add/Drop period has concluded, the College enters the withdrawal period.

The Withdrawal Period begins once the Add/Drop period has concluded and ends at a specified date/time each semester (posted to the Academic Calendar). LIM College students may withdraw from a course up until 4 p.m. on the last day of the posted withdrawal period. Withdrawals can only be made by submitting a fully completed and signed Add/Drop/Withdrawal form to the Office of the Registrar. Emails, phone requests, or withdrawal attempts submitted to other offices or administrators are not acceptable. When a student withdraws from a course(s), the course remains on the transcript, with a "W" posted in place of a letter grade.

Students should be aware that withdrawing from a course may affect their graduation plans and that withdrawing from enough courses to go below full-time (12 credits) or half-time status (6 credits) can affect eligibility for financial aid in both the current and upcoming semesters. Students who are unsure of how a withdrawal will affect them should speak with their Academic Advisor and Financial Aid counselor prior to submitting the withdrawal paperwork. Please note that once submitted, a withdrawal from a course cannot be reversed. 

Main-Campus, undergraduate students can work with any academic advisor on the advising team. Students are not formally assigned to a specific advisor in order to provide students with the maximum number of appointment options, as well as with the opportunity to meet and work with everyone in our group.  This flexibility allows students to build a relationship with any advisor with whom they feel most comfortable and connected!  

To book an appointment with an academic advisor, students must log in to MyLIM and then select AdvisorTrac. Within AdvisorTrac, students can search for and register for an appointment with any available advisor. Appointments are available on the phone, on Zoom, and (when campus fully reopens) on campus).

Students are encouraged to meet with an Academic Advisor each semester, in order to discuss course progress and graduation planning. All academic requirements are posted to the college catalog, available via the LIM College website.  Students must refer to the correct catalog, when reviewing/searching for degree requirements.  If students are unsure of their assigned catalog year, they may contact the Office of the Registrar (Registrar [at] limcollege.edu), or the Office of Academic Advising (Advising [at] limcollege.edu).

Each student will have access to Canvas, the online platform from which, among other items, class information is distributed.  This includes course syllabi. Each course syllabus includes the class professor information, as well as the Department Chair information.  If, at any point, a student is having difficulty reaching a faculty member, they are encouraged to reach out the appropriate Department Chair.

If your student is concerned about their course grade, they should begin by speaking directly with their professor regarding their concerns. Professor contact information is available on each course syllabus (which is located in Canvas, via the MyLIM portal). If for whatever reason, your student is uncomfortable speaking with their professor or cannot reach their professor in a timely manner, they may reach out to the Department Chair (contact information available on the course syllabus). Students are also welcome to discuss any concerns with an Academic Advisor and can book an appointment with one using AdvisorTrac (available via the MyLIM portal).

International Students

All international students should visit www.limcollege.edu/iss to learn about living and studying in the U.S. and maintaining their legal F-1 student status. Additionally, students are encouraged to contact the Office of International Student Services at iss [at] limcollege.edurel="noreferrer noopener" target="_blank" with any questions about maintaining their F-1 student status, applying for an F-1 visa, as well as living and studying in the U.S. The Office also offers virtual and in-person advising appointments, workshops, and info sessions. 

Accepted international students will receive an email from the Office of International Student Services with the instructions and links to apply for a Form I-20. Students and their families can also visit: www.limcollege.edu/iss to review the College’s I-20 application and the list of required supporting documents. 

Please visit www.limcollege.edu/iss to review the annual estimated expenses, the financial funding checklist, and print the affidavit of support. 

Students must carry their passport that is valid at least 6 months into the future; a valid, unexpired F-1 visa; original Form I-20 issued by LIM College; proof of I-901 SEVIS fee payment; a letter of acceptance to LIM College; and proof of financial support.

International students may be interested in obtaining a New York driver’s license. If the student is not interested in driving in the U.S., they may choose to apply for a New York State ID. To obtain detailed instructions to apply for a driver’s license or a state ID, please contact the Office of International Student Services at iss [at] limcollege.edu

LIM College students are automatically enrolled in the College’s health insurance policy unless they submit a waiver with a compatible health insurance plan. For health insurance waiver information, please visit: https://www.gallagherstudent.com/LIM 

There are many banks in New York City near the College’s campus locations. When the student goes to a bank to open an account, they will need to bring: unexpired passport; copy of the I-94 arrival/departure record; Form I-20; a second form of identification, such as student ID card, a birth certificate, a state ID or a driver license; enrollment verification letter from LIM College, which can be obtained from the Registrar; and proof of their address in the United States. If the student rents an apartment, they may use a copy of the lease. Students will also need the funds, in U.S. dollars, with which to open the account and make an initial deposit. Every bank has slightly different requirements, so make sure you ask beforehand to prepare the documents.

Study Abroad

The real question should be: “why not?” There are infinite reasons why your student should start thinking about studying abroad. Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Your student can choose from several destinations from all over the world and will have a chance to experience another culture, make long-lasting friendships, learn a foreign language, find new academic interests, gain valuable experience through volunteering and internships.

The Office of Study Abroad at LIM College offers a variety of short-term and full-semester exchange programs. Eligibility and requirements vary depending on the program. Typically for a semester exchange, you must be a third-year student (or higher) at the time of departure. The recommended GPA (Grade Point Average) is 2.5-3.0 on a 4.0 scale. They must also be a full-time student and in good academic and financial standing with the College. They will also be required to complete a 500-word personal statement, meet with an academic advisor, and complete a one-on-one interview with the Study Abroad Coordinator. There are a limited number of spots available for each exchange program, which can make them highly competitive. Short-term programs typically require a GPA of 2.5-3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

No! All courses will be taught in English. Students will have the opportunity to learn a foreign language if interested. While not required, learning a foreign language will give them a leg-up in their study abroad experience. Plus, it is a fun and valuable skill to have in our diverse world!

Studying abroad can be a great financial commitment, but there are many ways to make it more affordable for your family. The cost of studying abroad varies depending on the program and length. For a semester abroad, LIM students pay LIM tuition and fees. They are not required to pay any tuition to the host school abroad. But keep in mind, there are extra costs that are the responsibility of the students. This may include airfare, housing, international health insurance, vaccinations, passport and visa fees, transportation, food, entertainment, and other personal expenses. Short-term programs tend to be more affordable. Short-term programs charge either a comprehensive or all-inclusive fee. Airfare, housing for duration of program, entrance fees for activities, some meals and tuition for 3-6 credits are typically included (Yes, there is an academic component to a short-term program). If your student receives financial aid for a regular semester at LIM College, they should be able to apply it to an experience abroad. They will need to speak with a student financial counselor about their financial package. Students who are in the Fashion Scholar Program receive a $5,000 Study Abroad Scholarship that can be used toward a semester or short-term abroad program. There are also plenty of external scholarships available that anyone can apply for. Websites such as Gooverseas.com, NAFSA.org and Diversityabroad.com are great resources to start with. For more information on study abroad scholarships, please reach out to studyabroad [at] limcollege.edu

Your student will be required to meet with their academic advisor before applying and after acceptance to confirm/verify that the courses and credits they complete abroad apply towards their declared degree and major.

Any new experience will come with some challenges, but that is okay! It is normal for some people to experience homesickness, language barriers, a “culture shock,” anxiety and stress while traveling and studying abroad in unfamiliar places. The good news is that these feelings should pass as they get more settled in and comfortable with their new surroundings. Prior to departure, all students will attend a mandatory pre-departure information session hosted by the Office of Study Abroad (Parents are welcome to attend). There will also be a welcome orientation when they arrive at their host school abroad where topics mentioned above, and health and safety procedures will be discussed. Safety is our number one priority, and we want you and your student to be prepared for any situation that may arise. Students will be given LIM staff emergency contacts and will have support staff contacts at their host school. Students should also take the initiative to research the host country, specifically emergency numbers and protocols in the case of an emergency. As an exchange student, they have access to all campus resources at their host school including mental health and counseling. Staff at each host school abroad will also be available to support LIM students.

Admissions & Enrollment (On-Campus Programs)

LIM College is a rolling admissions institution, but we encourage submitting the enrollment deposit by May 1, for our Fall semester start and November 1 for our spring semester start. Deposits can be received for enrollment after the priority deadlines mentioned above, but we recommend speaking with your assigned Admissions Counselor to customize a timeline for enrollment to insure a smooth start to the semester!

Financial Clearance is required each year of attendance at LIM (i.e. confirmation of financial aid, payment plans, pay in full). The deadline typically occurs in late July each year. Families are encouraged to begin speaking with the Office of Student Financial Services about this process following enrollment.

New Student Orientation is a great way to learn more about the different services and departments available to LIM Students. Dates vary each summer, but students are required to register in advance. For assistance with registration, please have your student contact the Office of Admissions directly.

Each admissions counselor has their own regional territory as well as partnership programs and schools that they work with directly. You can find yours here: https://www.limcollege.edu/admissions/contact-admissions. Admissions Counselors are available via call, text, email and platforms like Zoom. You can connect with them to set up an appointment time to chat.

Traditionally, the Office of Admissions is the first stop in your student’s academic journey. We are here to help and counsel you through your application and enrollment needs. Once when your student begins their classes they will meet with and be supported by various student service departments on campus.

Yes! We offer several admitted student specific events in the spring and summer. Click here for more information: https://www.limcollege.edu/admissions/accepted-students/admitted-undergraduate-students

§ Note: Physical campus visits are subject to change in compliance with CDC regulations. Future on campus options will be listed here once approved to host: https://www.limcollege.edu/visit

Student Financial Services

October 1st. This is the date, every year, that your student can RENEW the FAFSA for the upcoming year.

Many families mistakenly think they don't qualify for aid and prevent themselves from receiving financial aid. There are a few sources of aid such as unsubsidized Stafford and PLUS loans that are available regardless of need.

Please contact us at sfs [at] limcollege.edu or call us at Financial Aid 212-752-1530 ext:389

The financial aid "gap" is the difference between what is covered by federal grants and loans and the balance that is due to the college. This "gap" is normally completed with a federal PLUS loan, Private Loan, or a Payment Plan.

No, Parents are, however responsible for the Federal PLUS loans. Parents will only be responsible for educational loans if they co-sign a Private Loan.


Students must make the request for their transcript from our Transcript request portal. Note that parents cannot make a request for any documents from the Office of the Registrar. Due to Federal laws and LIM school policy, the student must make the request directly to our office. For diploma inquiries, please have the student contact us directly at Registrar [at] limcollege.edurel="noreferrer noopener" target="_blank"

Students can request a letter or a form to be completed by the Office of the Registrar by completing an Enrollment Verification form. They can obtain this form by emailing Registrar [at] limcollege.edu.

Students can add/drop courses from Sonis (our student system, found in their LIM Portal). Please check our Academic Calendar to review add/drop deadlines. 

Students that are looking to withdraw from a course, should email registrar [at] limcollege.edurel="noreferrer noopener" target="_blank" for the necessary withdrawal forms. Please check our Academic Calendar to review withdrawal deadlines. 

Students that have not taken a class at another school yet, should request a transfer credit pre-approval form so their potential courses can be reviewed and approved prior to enrollment/completion. If your student has already taken the class, the student should contact the Office of the Registrar, Registrar [at] limcollege.edu, to request a Transcript Evaluation form. The student should also send their official copy of their Transcript directly to the Office of the Registrar at Registrar [at] limcollege.edu or by mail at 216 E 45th Street, New York, NY 10017.

Career and Internship Services

The Office of Career and Internship Services is here to help students design, launch, and build a meaningful life and career. We encourage students to contact us for guidance about their career education courses, career goals, jobs, and internships. Students can schedule to meet with a Career Coach on Handshake. Handshake is available in your student's MyLIM portal. Visit CIS on Canvas for help on how to schedule an appointment or contact CIS at careers [at] limcollege.edurel="noreferrer noopener" target="_blank".   

The Office of Career and Internship Services provides comprehensive, free career development services for life, including unlimited individual career coaching services in-person, by phone, email or Zoom, virtual career fairs, resume development assistance, career skills workshops, and networking events and panel discussions with industry professionals and alumni.   

Securing jobs and internships is a collaborative process. The Office of Career and Internship Services actively mentors and offers both group and one-on-one career coaching sessions throughout the year to provide the support, advice, and guidance necessary for individuals to hone their professional skills and pursue their career goals.

The Office of Career and Internship Services does not guarantee employment, salary level, or career advancement. Actual career outcomes vary based on different factors, including work experiences, geographic location, and other factors specific to the individual.  

Yes, internships can be completed within or outside of the NYC area! The Office of Career and Internship Services can assist qualified students in their search for internships and jobs wherever they desire to live. Click here to search for internships on Handshake.

The global fashion and lifestyle industry offers a wide variety of career options, allowing students to combine their creative passion with business know-how to build an amazing career. An LIM education can open up a world of opportunity. In fact, 95% of our Class of 2021 were working in the business of fashion and its related fields or continuing their education within six months of graduation.*  LIM graduates are making their mark doing everything from e-commerce and digital marketing to buying, retail analytics, merchandising, sourcing, and planning, sales and retail management, product development, event planning, social media, human resources, public relations and more.

Students can submit their Internship or Co-op Experience paperwork in Handshake. Visit CIS on Canvas for instructions on how to submit an Experience Record on Handshake.   

Students can search and register for jobs, internships, events, and resources on Handshake. Visit CIS on Canvas for help on how to sign up for events.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services staff provide consultations to parents and loved ones on how to help a student in distress, how to refer a student to the Office, support services available on campus, and how to locate off-campus treatment or mental health care for your student. Call 646.218.6048 to speak with a staff member about your concerns.

Students can have their doctor fill out LIM College's Immunization Record Form or provide a copy of their official vaccination records to the Office of Counseling and Accessibility Services to review no later than one week prior to the first day of classes. Forms can be scanned and emailed to cas [at] limcollege.edurel="noreferrer noopener" target="_blank"; faxed to 212.750.3466; or mailed to LIM College, Counseling and Accessibility Services, 216 East 45th Street, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10017. 

You can find details about the criteria and medical withdrawal process here. Additionally, parents and students can contact the Office of Counseling Services for assistance with the process at counseling [at] limcollege.edu or 646.218.6048.

Accessibility Services

Students seeking accommodations need to register with Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility. Registration for accessibility services includes the submission of a student’s disability documentation, the review of documentation by accessibility services staff and an in-person, phone or Zoom intake interview with the student conducted by the accessibility services staff. Students should email accessibility [at] limcollege.edu to initiate the registration process.

Campus Safety

LIM College has an internal Emergency Response Plan in place that is designed as a guide for unusual and/or overwhelming circumstances that require actions beyond routine measures. Every semester, the Emergency Response Committee meets to review the policy to ensure each member is fully prepared to deal with any emergency cases.

LIM College has an Emergency Building Teams at each campus location that are comprised of volunteers who are trained in first aid, CPR, and AED. Each semester, the building team also has a practice meeting to ensure volunteers are fully equipped for any medical scenarios.

Yes! All students will receive training at New Student Orientation for safety in NYC, as well as other important info regarding policies and procedures.

Yes! We offer multiple trainings throughout the semester that students can sign up to attend, including Title IX, bystander intervention, and Enough is Enough training.

LIM College’s website has important information regarding campus safety and policies.


LIM is thrilled to launch a new residential community at FOUND Study – Midtown East. We will have a community of approximately 250 LIM students at this newly-renovated space at 51st Street and Lexington Ave, just 10 minutes from Maxwell Hall! You can read all about housing here: https://www.limcollege.edu/student-life/housing-residential-life

Yes, you can select if you would prefer a standard double, deluxe double, or triple room. Read more about these room types on the website above. You can also select your preferred roommate(s). This information can be included in the housing application.

Yes, all LIM students are able to apply for housing.

Students are able to use their financial aid to pay for housing. This does not apply to the deposit and they will need to pay for this when they submit their housing application. Students should work with their financial aid counselor in Student Financial Services to complete the necessary paperwork to apply for financial aid to help cover the cost of their housing.