Emergency Notification

Keeping our community informed when it matters most

In accordance with the Clery Act, LIM will notify the campus community without delay upon the confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or staff on campus. Warnings may only be withheld if they would compromise efforts to contain the emergency.

LIM College uses the Everbridge system (aka LIM Alert) to quickly communicate to all students, faculty and staff in the event of an emergency or critical incident. Students, faculty and staff are automatically registered for this emergency mass notification system and can update their contact details via the Everbridge app.

When the LIM Alert system is activated, each member of the LIM community will receive a communication alert from LIM College authorities within minutes. The alert will be sent in multiple formats to multiple touchpoints, including emails to LIM and personal accounts, voice and text messages to cell phones, and/or land/desk lines. Additional contact information may be added or current information may be updated at any time via the Everbridge app.

LIM College Emergency Notification System FAQs

LIM College will only use Everbridge LIM Alert when it is imperative to contact students, faculty and staff as quickly as possible. This can include, but is not limited to, cancellation of classes or LIM College closures due inclement weather, a fire requiring the evacuation or closing of a building; or an ongoing criminal incident that requires members of the LIM College community to take action to ensure their safety. Email will still be used to provide important information in a timely manner for situations that do not rise to the level of an emergency.


Your contact details (phone #s, email address) on file with the Collge are automatically loaded into the Everbridge LIM Alert system. Your LIM College email account is also automatically included. Make sure you download and use the Everbridge app to update your info. and add as many points of contact as possible. Once you're logged into the app, you can find and edit your contact info. in the "Profile" section of the main menu.


Your caller ID displays (212) 752-1530 when Everbridge LIM Alert contacts you with a voice message. We recommend that you pre-program this number into your phone as "LIM Alert." Email message alerts are sent by limalert [at] limcollege.edu. We recommend you add this address to the "Safe" address list for your external email account. When you receive a text message, the sender's ID varies based on your individual carrier.


Use the Everbridge app to update your contact information whenever that info. changes. Once you're logged into the app, use the "Profile" section (within the main menu) to find and edit your contact info.


The information you provide will only be used for Everbridge LIM Alert.

The Everbridge LIM Alert system is designed for current students, faculty, and staff. However, if you choose to enter a family member's phone number or email address into your contact details in the app, they will be able to receive messages.

The College uses the Everbridge LIM Alert system to contact students, faculty and staff about emergencies and unexpected campus closures, as well as other critical and time-sensitive information. (The required Daily Health Screening questionnaire for those coming on campus is also part of the Everbridge mobile app.)

This system sends:

  1. Mobile app push notifications
  2. Text messages
  3. Emails to your personal and LIM email
  4. Voice messages to personal and LIM work desk phones

1. Download the Everbridge app by visiting the Apple App store or Google Market.

a. Type “Everbridge” and search for the logo. 

2. Once downloaded, launch the app and select “Allow” Notifications.

3. Then select “Find an organization or subscription”

4. Type “LIM College” and click on the LIM logo and name.

Note: The first time you log into the system from a mobile device, you will have to confirm your identity by entering the verification code sent via text or to your personal email. You only have to do this one time per device.

5. Use your NetID - firstname.lastname and password, then log in. (do not include @limcollege.edu)

6. Select "Sign in with SSO credentials". It will automatically log you into Everbridge LIM Alert.

7. Select OK.

8. Ensure Allow Push Notifications is turned on.

9. Select Manage My Profile.

Important: Confirm your personal cell phone and personal email (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) are accurate and up to date. Below is how you check and edit your information.

10. Review your information for accuracy. If you need to update it, click "Edit" and enter the new phone or email. Remember to select "Save when you’re done".

The Feed section will contain messages and information sent to your account.


  • You will receive a Push notification on your device via the Everbridge app
  • Open the message to read (and confirm receipt, if instructed)


  • You will receive a text from 89361 or 87844
  • Read the entire message (and reply with “Yes” to confirm receipt, if instructed)


  • Your phone will display the caller ID 212.752.1530
  • A system greeting will play - The main content of the message will follow
  • If asked to confirm receipt of the message, Press “1”


  • The email will be sent from: limalert [at] limcollge.edu ()
  • The email address will be: noreply [at] everbridge.net ()
  • Read the entire message and confirm your receipt of the message, if required

If you have any questions, contact Help Desk support: itsupport [at] limcollege.edu ()