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Pokémon Go Safety Tips

Pokémon GO is a virtual reality mobile application which allows players to actively hunt and capture Pokémon, collect rare items (such as eggs) and battle strangers at central locations to become gym leaders. Although Pokémon GO is a game, there have been several instances where individuals playing Pokémon GO were placed in extreme danger and even killed. Below are some basic safety tips and lessons learned from some recent news stories to ensure your safety while playing Pokémon GO. 

Basic Safety Tips

  1. NEVER play when driving
  2. NEVER play when walking on crowded sidewalks or across intersections
  3. NEVER play Pokémon GO at night in public places
  4. NEVER go down alleys, sides streets, or trespass on private property
  5. IF POSSIBLE play in groups
  6. ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings. Looking down at your phone makes you an easy target.
  7. IF you find yourself in a crowd at Pokéstops or Gyms, be aware of pickpockets.

Recent Incidents