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General Notice

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Building Safety and
Emergency Response Teams

Every Minute Counts During an Emergency

It takes New York City First Responders less than 10 minutes to respond to serious emergencies at LIM College. To ensure the most effective lifesaving actions are taken during those first 10 minutes, the College has established Building Safety and Emergency Response Teams. Teams are assigned to all four LIM College Buildings and at least one team member is assigned to each floor occupied by the College. These Teams consist of over 40 volunteers from the LIM College Faculty and Staff who receive special training on how to immediately respond to emergencies affecting the College community. The building team members are listed below. Note that the Building Team Captains are highlighted in bold letters.

The Townhouse

Maxwell Hall

Fifth Avenue


Kwamina Afful (LL)

Jackie LeBlanc (2)

Eugenio Chong (7S)

D'andre Grant

Kevin Shiner (3)

MT Teloki (LL)

Kate Levy (7S)

Rashaan Jiles

Gavin Goldstein (5)

Jonathan Abreu (3)

Christopher Barto (7S)


Carolyn Higgins (3)

Lou Acierno (2)

Robert Conrad (7N)


Svetlana Kanevskaya (LL)

Jerry Aguirre (2)

Charles Fradella (7N)


Maura La Hara (2)

John Deming (3)

Grailing King (7N)


Debra Lee (LL)

Jodi Licht (14)

Rosanna Lee (7S)


Eve Proper (5)

Antoinette Liquet (M)

Luis Morales (7N)


Jessica Ramirez (3)

Jeremy Pagan (LL)

Erin Lynn (7S)










Michael Richards (7S)

Michael Richards (7S)

Michael Richards (7S)

Michael Richards (7S)





Duties and Responsibilities

The Building-Level Safety and Emergency Response Teams are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and its protocols and ensuring they are properly prepared to respond to a wide-variety of emergencies. They are also responsible for ensuring that emergency response equipment at the College is readily available and in good working order. This includes Fire Extinguishers, AEDs, Fire Hoses and Exit Signage.


All Team Members gather together quarterly for formal training twice per quarter. This ensures that emergency training and familiarization is conducted every month of the year. Some past trainings have included the following:


Quarterly Training Examples
  • Evacuation and Muster Point Operations
  • LIM College Emergency Response Guide (Published 2016) – comprehensive review
  • Fire Extinguisher Training – Conducted by FDNY
  • Medical Incident Response Training
  • NYPD Crime Analysis – Conducted by NYPD
  • Counterterrorism and Response to Terrorist Incidents – Conducted by NYPD
  • Response to Fires – Conducted by FDNY
  • Management of Aggressive Behavior
  • Active Shooter Response
Monthly Assignment Examples
  • Identify Shelter-in-Place Locations – each floor
  • Read articles on the LIM College Safety and Emergency Response Page
  • Check Emergency Systems and Inspect Emergency (Grab and Go) Bags
  • Responding to Sexual Assault
  • Download the LIM College App and Study the Emergency Response Section
  • Attend the NYPD local area crime update meeting
  • AED Training
  • Muster Point Operations

Team Challenge

In June 2017, the teams competed in the first annual Building Safety and Emergency Response Team Challenge. During the Challenge, Building Team Members paired up and moved through a building. Along the way, teams encountered and responded to several emergency situations. Teams were scored based on thoroughness of response and time. The building with the best overall score received a trophy that was prominently displayed in the “best” building for a full year.


LIM College is committed to the safety and security of all students, faculty, staff and guests. A critical element of the Emergency Response Program is the preparedness of the Building Safety and Emergency Response Teams. These trained volunteers are prepared to take life-saving actions during emergencies at the College.

Case Study

Early one semester, a member of the LIM College community suffered a seizure at one of the College’s buildings. As instructed, a member of the community called 911 and also dialed 711 to report the emergency. Per protocol, the LIM College Operator alerted the LIM College Building Safety and Emergency Team members and they sprang into action. The team members took the following actions:

  1. Two members of the team responded to the scene and provided patient care
  2. One of the team members at the scene called 911 and was connected with the ambulance crew that was in-route to the College
  3. A team member alerted the front desk security staff about the emergency and ensured that the security staff went to the front entrance to meet and brief the emergency responders
  4. A team member ensured the elevator was called to the ground floor and that the path to the victim was cleared including holding open locked doors along the path
  5. A team member met the first responders and guided them to the scene
  6. A team member accompanied the patient to the hospital and stayed with them until a family member arrived at the hospital
  7. The Team Captain filed an incident report
  8. An after-action meeting was held to discuss the response and to review lessons learned

This was a tremendous response by the team. The team members were well trained and executed well during a stressful situation.