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General Notice

Update: All hybrid in-person classes will meet remotely until Feb. 16, 2021. For more COVID-19 and Campus Operating Updates, click here.

Coronavirus Update - Letter from the Provost

April 3, 2020

Dear LIM Students,

I hope all is well with you amid the uncertainty created by COVID-19. I'm writing to let you know that we've made the decision to offer students the option to take classes under the pass/fail grading system this semester. Please note that this is not required. Any student who wishes to receive a letter grade can do so. We have made this decision in order to give you as much flexibility as possible in order to best support your learning.

In order to take your classes under the pass/fail grading system, you will need to notify the College prior to April 24th that you have elected this option. Step-by-step instructions will be sent to all students from the Office of the Registrar in the near future to direct you on how to make the pass/fail selection. If no selection is made, you will automatically receive a letter grade (A-F).

To summarize the LIM pass/fail grading policy:

  • Students can declare which courses they wish to take Pass/Fail. This means you can opt into the Pass/Fail grading system for a select number of courses or your entire course load.
  • If you declare all your courses this semester to be graded under the Pass/Fail policy, your term GPA will be 0.00 but will not impact your cumulative GPA.
  • Again, a grade of Pass or Fail will have no impact on your cumulative GPA.
  • You must opt into this grading system through the Office of the Registrar prior to April 24th. Students who do not opt in will default to receiving a letter grade (A-F).
  • Below you will find the pass/fail policy for graduate and undergraduate students.

Spring 2020 - Graduate Student Pass/Fail Policy
Spring 2020 - Undergraduate Student Pass/Fail Policy

As you make the decision, consider such things as how this will affect your earned credits. Please feel free to consult with your faculty, Dr. Patricia Fitzmaurice, and your academic advisor (for undergraduate students only) or Professor John Keane (for graduate students only) so you have all the information you need to make the best decision for yourself.

I have been impressed by your adaptability to remote learning. Please know that the faculty and academic staff have your best interests at heart and are working hard to make your academic experience as enriching as possible. At a time like this, I encourage you all to practice compassion (for yourself and others), try to maintain as much structure as you can, and stay virtually connected. Physical distancing should not mean social isolation. The LIM College community is on your side.

Warm regards,

Provost Springer