Updated Vaccine and COVID-19 Testing Requirements for the 2021-22 Academic Year

June 1, 2021

Current scientific and medical  guidance  indicates  that  everyone  who is medically able to receive a COVID-19 vaccine  should  do so as soon as possible. In addition,  all SUNY and CUNY  institutions  will require proof of vaccination by all in-person students for Fall 2021, pending full approval of any of the vaccines by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Governor has also encouraged all private colleges in New York State to do the same.

LIM College has decided to follow the most informed science protocols and align itself with two of the largest and most prominent public college systems  in the United States, SUNY and CUNY, as well as most of New York’s private colleges.  

Therefore, LIM College WILL REQUIRE PROOF OF THE COVID-19 vaccine for all community members who plan to  study, learn,  teach  or  work  physically on campus  in Fall 2021, pending  full  FDA approval  of any one or more  COVID-19 vaccine(s).  

Until such time as the FDA has  fully  approved its first COVID-19 vaccine, LIM  College will continue to allow non-vaccinated community members on campus, subject to the College’s present COVID-19 testing protocols. However, LIM College  STRONGLY RECOMMENDS  that all community members  get  vaccinated as the best way to protect yourself and help stop  the  pandemic. Fully vaccinated individuals will no longer have to participate in the College’s ongoing testing protocols. 

NOTE:  Students who submitted housing applications and are approved to live at the Ludlow Residence WILL BE REQUIRED to be vaccinated in order to  reside at the property. 

It is also important that we understand our community and who has been vaccinated to properly assess and monitor the safety of our campus environment. To this end, the College will begincollecting vaccination information from all community members beginning Monday, June 14. Instructions will be emailed separately.   

Students who submit proof of vaccination  will be entered into a  monthly  drawing for a  chance to win  one of five  $1,000  one-time tuition reimbursements.  These drawings will take place on June 30, July  30,  August  30  and  the first day of classes.  Proof of vaccination includes a copy of your medical record indicating the COVID-19 vaccine was fully administered or a copy of your completed vaccination card.  

All students who submit proof of vaccination WILL BE EXEMPT FROM THE COLLEGE’S CURRENT BASELINE AND WEEKLY COVID-19 TESTING upon approval of submitted documentation. All non-vaccinated students will be required to adhere to established testing protocols, including weekly on-campus surveillance testing.   

As always, we will continue to stay abreast of changing regulations and state and federal requirements, as well as best practices, and will modify our processes and protocols accordingly.    

The College will hold an informational webinar on Tuesday, June 8 from 8:15 – 9:15pm ET. During this webinar we will discuss our COVID-19 policies and plans for the upcoming academic year in more detail. LIM community members should check their email or MyLIM for the registration link.