Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of LIM College and establishes the basic policies that set the course of LIM College. The Board is responsible for the performance of the institution in all of its aspects and has the fiduciary responsibility for LIM College’s financial performance. Composed of a maximum of 15 members, the Board meets quarterly at LIM College and participates in Commencement each May.


Patty Farmer, MPS '21, DCS — Chair

Patty Farmer is a successful entrepreneur, published author, real estate developer, and dedicated mentor who earned undergraduate and master’s degrees from LIM. Patty launched her first entrepreneurial venture in Southern California, opening a high-end maternity boutique that grew to become a chain of four stores. Today, she continues to invest in and mentor small businesses and has published four books, including one about the history of New York’s iconic Plaza Hotel.  

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Sally A. Crawford '75
Former Retail Executive

Sally Crawford has over 25 years of experience in the retail industry. She began her carer as an Executive Trainee and went on to become a Buyer with Federated Department stores in New York and California. Other previous positions include Vice President, Merchandise Manager for Robinson’s, The Broadway, and Macy’s San Francisco and Vice President, General Merchandise Manager for Nike retail in Portland, Oregon.

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Dario Cortes, PhD
Senior Consultant, Association of Governing Boards

With more than four decades in higher education, Cortes has served in leadership positions with a variety of colleges and universities, including 11 years with Berkeley College, where he served as President and Trustee, Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances, and Executive Director of the Berkeley College Foundation. He went on to serve as Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost of Miami Regional University.

Dr. Cortes is a past Commissioner of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and has been a visiting Fellow at the Harvard University Institute for Education Management, an ACE Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as a Klingenstein Fellow at Teachers College, Columbia University.

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Francis J. Felser, DM
Chair, Board of Directors, Bryant & Stratton College

Dr. Francis J. Felser was President and CEO of Bryant & Stratton College from 2015-2022. A longtime leader in higher education administration, he served as a Commissioner for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education from 2010-2019. He was Chair of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools in 2018 and 2019 and a Trustee from 2011-2019. Dr. Felser was also Vice Chair and Trustee for APC Colleges (now the Association of Private Colleges) from 2015-2022.  

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Jay R. Horowitz
Investment Advisor, Gateway Advisory LLC

Jay Horowitz is currently an Investment Advisor with Gateway Advisory, LLC. He is the former principal at Jay R. Horowitz, CPA, which previously served as LIM College's auditors and financial advisory firm. 

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Elizabeth S. Marcuse, DCS
President Emeritus, LIM College

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Nancy Marcuse Marshall
Co-Founder and President, The Rapunzel Project
Former Executive, Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods 

During Nancy Marcuse Marshall's two-decade corporate career she worked as a Buyer for Filene’s, a Buyer and Regional Merchandise Manager for Lord & Taylor, a Product Manager for Alberto Culver, and Marketing Manager of New Products at Kitchens of Sara Lee. She went on to co-found the The Rapunzel Project in 2009, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create awareness of the existence and efficacy of hair-saving cold cap therapy for cancer patients underdoing chemotherapy. In her spare time, Nancy mentors high-potential community college students who wish to transfer to elite four-year universities.

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Ron Marshall
President, LIM College

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Gail Nardin '71
Former Senior Vice President of External Relations and Alumni Affairs, LIM College

Gail Nardin enjoyed a long and successful career in the fashion industry, culminating with her appointment in 1999 as Vice President of Development and Production for Energie Sportswear. After joining LIM in 2005 as a member of the Institutional Advancement team, Gail was ultimately promoted to Senior Vice President of External Relations and Alumni Affairs and she was named to the Board of Directors upon her retirement from that role in 2023.

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Denise Vujovich 
Retail Industry Executive 

Denise Vujovich’s experience as a retail industry executive has spanned more than four decades and has included leadership positions with May Merchandising Company, Macy’s Midwest, and Claire’s Stores. At Claire’s, she most recently served as Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer and was responsible for strategy and product curation for the global retailer of proprietary jewelry and accessories.

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