Message from the President

Welcome to LIM College

man standing in front of a building in a dark suit and tie

There are unlimited career opportunities in the business of fashion and lifestyle. 

But what is “the business of fashion and lifestyle?” It is a singular term for a multi-faceted global industry that accounts for trillions of dollars in revenue and employs hundreds of thousands of people. From a business perspective, lifestyle consists of the brands, products, and services we consume or buy that, like fashion, go beyond serving a functional purpose by allowing us to communicate how we see ourselves to the outside world. Fashion and lifestyle are both grounded in creativity, self-expression, and connection. 

The business of fashion and lifestyle goes light years beyond clothes and shoes. It is comprised of many inter-connected and related fields, including entertainment, sports, beauty and cosmetics, interior design and decorating, travel and leisure, cannabis, and more. 

As a student at LIM College, you will discover a world of opportunities and experiences. Whether you join us on campus in the heart of New York City or earn your degree online, you will make connections that could lead to your first—or next—job, and you will learn directly from industry practitioner faculty who combine professional experience with a personal approach. 

Ultimately, as evidenced by the 96% Career Outcomes rate for our Class of 2022, you will graduate with the kind of specialized knowledge, practical skills, and level of workplace professionalism sought by employers in today’s competitive job market. 

I hope you will continue to learn more about LIM. Explore our website for details on our career-driven degree programs and immersive hands-on learning opportunities and get to know some of the people in our diverse and supportive community. 

This is an exciting time to study the business of fashion and lifestyle – and we’re ready to show you why LIM is the best place to do it. 

Ron Marshall 
President, LIM College