The Provost is the Chief Academic Officer of LIM College. The Provost will develop and articulate a clear vision for LIM College’s future academic direction, establishing and sustaining the highest standards of academic engagement in all teaching, curricular, and academic co-curricular activities. 

News: Search for the Provost

Dear LIM Community:

I am writing you today to share with you very exciting news. Shortly, we will begin the search for our new Provost.

To help us, the College has engaged an executive search firm, Odgers Berndtson. Working with the search firm will be a Provost Search Committee, which will be chaired by our Vice President of Government Relations and Community Affairs, Christopher Barto. Mike Donohue and I have identified Christopher as the right person at the College to lead this important charge. With over 18 years of service to the LIM community, he has an independent and holistic view of the College, its people, and its culture. He was also selected for his knowledge of our College and because he will not be reporting to the Provost.

Over the next several weeks Odgers Berndtson will be undertaking a listening tour as part of their due diligence to determine the experience, personality traits, and professional style needed in the ideal candidate. From there they will begin targeting the best and brightest and inviting them to examine the role and LIM College.

As you know, as a result of the changes in the fashion and lifestyle industry as well as the world of higher education, we have adopted a longer-term perspective for planning and development so that we are prepared for the future. Preparing for the future requires that we identify ways to strengthen our existing academic programs, develop new programs that support workforce needs, grow enrollment, and enhance industry connections. Our goal is to continue to be a leader in experiential education and advance our objective of being the premier institution for the study of the business of fashion and lifestyle.

Milestones for the process will be developed and shared as it progresses, and we will welcome input from the community during the process to ensure the Odgers Berndtson team is able to convey to prospective candidates what is truly special about LIM College.

We look forward to embarking on this important search.


Elizabeth S. Marcuse