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You may be interested in fashion media and curious about how much you can earn in this field. To help you get started planning your career, here are some stats on average salaries and earning potential for fashion journalists and fashion media professionals.


How Much Does a Fashion Journalist Make?

Based on research from three separate third party salary websites, a fashion writer or journalist makes an average of $38,715 per year. This figure will vary considerably according to the individual's experience, education, job title, geographic location, and employer. Nonetheless, the income information below offers insight into your earning potential in fashion media. Be sure to check back periodically, as this guide will be refreshed with new information as it is becomes available.


Average Fashion Journalist Salary

According to three salary websites, the average fashion journalist salary is in the low 40-thousand dollar range. Remember, this is just the average fashion journalist or fashion writer salary. An individual with a fashion media or fashion journalism degree may begin their career at a higher salary than their peers thanks to education and experience specific to this line of work. Commanding a higher salary at the start of your career also puts you on a projection for higher wages over the course of your career.

Average Salaries for “Fashion Journalist” or “Journalist” Job Titles












Related Fashion Journalism Job Titles and Salaries

A Fashion Media degree prepares you to create fashion-related content for virtually all media channels. This allows for a wide range of potential job titles and salaries. Below is salary information for a few key job titles relating to fashion journalism and fashion media.

Average Salaries for Related Job Titles









Social Media Manager








Fashion Journalist Salary Ranges

The low and high salary statistics below are included to give you an idea of a starting fashion media salary, and what you might earn later in your career. Keep in mind that the low salary range does not directly correlate with what you may earn when embarking on your career. An education and internships in fashion media, as well as industry contacts, may get your foot in the door higher up on the pay scale. That said, the high end of these ranges should correlate to professionals with more experience, and may be interpreted as your earning potential after years of fashion media work.


Salary Low

Salary High







Fashion Journalist Salary in New York City

Location is a significant determinant of your salary. Salaries in cities, particularly in New York City, are generally higher than national averages to keep up with the city’s high cost of living. As one of the world’s fashion centers, NYC is also a place where fashion industry professionals can expect more job opportunities at higher pay. Below are NYC salaries from third party salary sites that allow location-specific searches.









National Average




Employment & Salary Averages of LIM College Graduates

We recently surveyed our 2018 undergraduate class for information on their employment, job titles, and salaries. Below are some of the impressive results that illustrate how earning an LIM College degree kicks off a successful career in fashion:

  • 93% of the Class of 2018 are employed*
  • 77% of those were employed within three months of searching
  • The mean salary range of the Class of 2018 is $35,000 - $40,000

    *Based on a survey of all graduates with a response rate of 88%


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    Fashion Media Degrees at LIM College

    Ready to take a step closer towards a fashion journalism career? LIM College offers an undergraduate Fashion Media degree program.


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    Through the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree program in Fashion Media, you will learn how to craft content that influences consumer behavior. You'll develop fundamental knowledge about both the fashion business and journalism in the new media age through in-class instruction. There are also opportunities to have your work published in the student magazine and complete internships at fashion companies and publications.

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