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Fashion Merchandising Salary Guide

You may be passionate about fashion merchandising, but you still need to make a living. The questions what is the average fashion merchandising salary? and how much does a fashion merchandiser make? are answered here.


How Much Does a Fashion Merchandiser Make?

According to an aggregate of average fashion merchandising salaries from different 3rd party sites, a fashion merchandiser makes an average of $45,132.00 per year. Truth be told, the earning potential of a fashion merchandiser will vary significantly depending on experience, job title, and the company or industry you work in. That said, we’ve done our best to give you an idea of how much you can make in this industry by aggregating different salary stats for varying fashion merchandising job titles and experience levels. Check back, since we will update this guide as new or more accurate information is available.


Fashion Merchandising Average Salary

Salaries vary by experience and industry, but several reputable sources show consistent average salaries for fashion merchandising. Glassdoor, PayScale.com, Indeed.com, and Salary.com all show an average salary in the mid 40s, making an average salary of $45,132 per year. Take note that these are salaries for the title/position “Fashion Merchandiser.” A degree in this field may qualify you for several other related roles, which you can see in the next section.

Average Salaries for "Fashion Merchandiser" Job Title












Related Job Titles and Salaries

There are a several different jobs and titles directly related to a fashion merchandising degree. See below for salary information on a few job titles related to fashion merchandising.

Average Salaries for Fashion Merchandising Job Titles





Brand Manager




Retail Fashion Buyer




Retail Merchandiser




Fashion Merchandising Salary Ranges

We don’t have any specific statistics on entry level fashion merchandising starting salaries vs more experienced positions, but we’ve aggregated the low and high end of fashion merchandiser salaries from several sources. The low side isn’t necessarily an indication of what you will earn when first starting, since good employer relationships and internship performance will yield higher pay. However, it’s more likely that the highest paying jobs in fashion merchandising are for individuals with more experience.

Fashion Merchandising Salary Ranges


Salary Low

Salary High










Average Fashion Merchandising Salary in New York City

Salaries vary greatly depending on where you’re employed. For example, salaries in New York City are typically higher since NYC is such a major fashion hub. Below you can find NYC fashion merchandising salaries from the 3rd party tools that allow location-specific searches.









National Average





Fashion Merchandising Salary Averages of LIM Graduates

Now you’ve seen some of the national averages and 3rd party stats. We also have some salary information of our own from recent LIM graduates. We recently surveyed our 2018 graduates for information like employment rates, titles, and salaries. For those graduates who answered, you can see the stats below.

Undergraduate Fashion Merchandising (Class of 2018)

Fashion Merchandising Starting Salary
Mean Salary: $35,000.00 - $40,000.00 (6 months following graduation)


Graduate Fashion Merchandising (Class of 2018)

Mean Salary: $45,651.50; high of $70,000.00


Salaries with a Fashion Merchandising Degree

See below for details of average salaries specific to students who graduated with a fashion merchandising degree from LIM College.







MPS in Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management





MPS in Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management (Online)






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Life at LIM

Fashion Merchandising Degrees at LIM College

Interested in pursuing a career in fashion merchandising? LIM College offers several fashion merchandising programs, each designed to fit your goals and experience level.

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) / 4 Year Degree
The BBA program at LIM College provides a foundation of core courses in liberal arts and business. This degree serves as the perfect gateway to graduate studies.

Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) / 4 Year Degree
The BPS program at LIM College provides a focused approach to preparing you for a career in fashion with many professional courses.

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) *Offered Online / 2 Year Degree
The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) program in Fashion Merchandising & Management program will provide you with a foundation to begin— or continue— a career in  fashion or enter a bachelor’s degree program.

Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS) / 2 Year Degree
The AOS program at LIM College is an intensive academic program that prepares you to jump into your career immediately.

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Graduate Programs

Master's in Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management (MPS) *Offered Online
With a Master of Professional Studies (MPS) from LIM College, you gain a competitive advantage in today’s retail, apparel, and merchandising markets.

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