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Fashion media is a growing segment of the fashion industry that focus on creating content that influences consumer behavior through web or print journalism, television, social media, and/or photography. Fashion magazines have long been leaders in fashion journalism, but the digital age is transforming and expanding the world of fashion media. For example, a fashion media professional may be a fashion journalist, blogger, photographer, social media specialist, marketing writer, or video producer. Regardless of whether they use words or images, a fashion media professional will craft work that captures public interest and shapes trends.


What is the Definition of Fashion Media?


By definition, fashion media encompasses fashion content published through various media outlets. Magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs, social media platforms, television, and books are all media channels that may feature a fashion media specialist’s work. Emerging styles, industry events and key influencers are frequently covered in the media. In the past, a fashion journalist probably worked at a general publishing house; but nowadays, a fashion media professional may work for a fashion company, a new media outlet, or have their own production team or social media following. Since these media channels are the key communication vehicles for all things fashion-related, it is immeasurably important in molding public perception and driving sales.


What is Fashion Journalism?

Fashion journalism is a subset of fashion media that focuses on writing and photojournalism. A fashion journalist essentially performs the same job duties as any other journalist, but focuses specifically on fashion trends and events. A fashion journalist will perform considerable research in preparation for a piece, often conducting interviews and attending events. Strong contacts in the fashion industry, such as relationships with designers and stylists, are a must. In addition to having inside industry knowledge and a love for fashion, a fashion journalist will need a strong capacity for writing, reporting and narration. In the mass media age, a fashion writer should also be digitally adept and comfortable with modern technology. More and more, publication houses are choosing job candidates who have skills in creating web-based content. A fashion journalist may be employed by a publication or work on a freelance basis.



How to Become a Fashion Journalist, Writer, or Other Fashion Media Professional

Earning a degree in Fashion Media is a solid first step towards a career in this field. A degree will equip you with fashion journalism skills and knowledge of fashion business essentials such as design and marketing. If you graduate with a Fashion Media degree, you will have fundamental content creation skills and strong foundational knowledge of the fashion world, allowing you to capably write about it. The right school will also offer you hands-on experiences and help you establish contacts in the fashion industry to round out your career preparation.

Aspiring fashion media specialists can carve out a career path without a Fashion Media degree, although this can be a slower process and may result in lower pay. A degree program provides classroom learning and internship opportunities that can give you a competitive edge.


Who is a Good Fit for Fashion Media Careers?

People with an eye for fashion and a flair for producing and writing compelling content are well-suited to becoming a fashion media professional. If you like rubbing elbows with other fashion-lovers, influencing trends, and being on the fashion scene, then this could be the career for you. Wordsmiths who enjoy researching and storytelling make great fashion journalists, writers, and editors. Fashion aficionados who are social media-savvy or like creating web-based content are likely to thrive in fashion media too. Likewise, photography fanatics or videophiles will enjoy working behind the camera at a shoot or producing videos. Essentially, anyone with a creative side who wants to report on and influence the fashion world can find an outlet for their abilities and interests by pursuing a career in fashion media.


Sample Coursework

Below is a sampling of required courses for a Fashion Media degree at LIM College:

  • New Media: Writing, Editing and Visuals
  • The New Journalism
  • Introduction to Mass Media
  • Intellectual Property
  • The Power of the Brand
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Critical Thinking: Reading, Writing and Research
  • Business Spreadsheets


Learn More About Fashion Journalism and Fashion Media

Continue to explore this industry and learn more about your career in the business of fashion.


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Fashion Media Degrees at LIM College

LIM College offers a four-year Bachelor of Science in Fashion Media degree. Students are prepared for a fashion media career through a foundation of courses in liberal arts, core business competencies, applied creative skills and an in-depth examination of media and journalism principles.

Students may also choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in another field with a concentration in Fashion Media. This provides students with an understanding of key journalism and fashion business concepts, although it does not offer as thorough a preparation for the field as a Fashion Media degree.


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