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What is Fashion Marketing?


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Fashion marketing is the management of advertising campaigns and promotions to sell fashion brands and products. Although when most people think about the fashion industry they immediately think of fashion design, but there’s actually so much more that needs to happen in order for the latest designs to get to the customers who will wear them. Designers need to get their creations in front of the right customers in a way that makes those people want to buy them. The effort required to present fashion products in a way that appeals to potential customers is called fashion marketing. It’s a vital part of the business side of fashion.


What is Fashion Marketing?

Exactly what is fashion marketing and what is involved? Fashion marketing and fashion marketing management are the practice of advertising brands and fashion products to potential customers. Like any other kind of marketing, you have to research the preferences of different audiences and find creative ways to present products in a way that resonates enough to inspire customers to buy.

Fashion marketing and management is unique because of the fast pace of the fashion industry. While you might be able to run the same or similar marketing campaigns for multiple years in other industries, the fashion industry moves in very short cycles, so fashion marketers need to keep up with the latest trends and continually devise creative ways to advertise their newest products. Fashion marketers have to be creative and in tune with their target customers while also being focused on the business side of fashion with the goal of driving sales and profits. If done well, fashion marketing balances the creative side of fashion with the needs and desires of customers and the need to make a profit.


How Marketing Influences Design

Although a fashion marketer is not a fashion designer, fashion marketers still influence the products and designs of a fashion brand. The fashion marketer understands fashion trends and their business impact. What styles are selling best? Which aren’t? Fashion marketing isn’t only about promoting the work of fashion designers, it can also influence design based on business performance and market trends.


What Does a Fashion Marketer Do?

A fashion marketing manager wears many hats. What might a fashion marketer do on a day-to-day basis? Market research and media planning, as well as branding, product display, ad creative, and photography all fall within the purview of fashion marketing. Fashion marketers may also be involved in public relations. Read on for a few key responsibilities of a fashion marketer.

  • Market Research & Analysis

    Knowing who you’re selling to is a vital first step in any kind of marketing. Fashion marketers must be able to perform qualitative and quantitative research into fashion trends and the lives and behaviors of the people who may purchase fashion products. Market research is presented  and used to make important decisions about fashion design and business activities.

  • Brand Design & Development

    Fashion marketers are charged with creating the story behind the brand so that customers can relate personally and see themselves wearing the designs. Logos, copy, and imagery all need to stay in line with the image and lifestyle that a fashion brand represents and create a personal connection with target customers.

  • Develop & Manage Advertising Campaigns

    Fashion marketers use their creativity alongside market research to create compelling advertisements that resonate with their target audiences. They also manage media planning to determine the scheduled distribution of advertisements. This may include advertisements in newspapers and magazines, on television, and in digital formats such as social media.

  • Pricing & Distribution

    Pricing and distribution decisions are also part of fashion marketing. This involves research and analysis of how products are selling in retail or online distribution channels and determining where and at what price fashion products should be sold, with the overarching goal of maximizing profits.


How to Become a Fashion Marketer

To become a fashion marketer, a degree in the field is usually required for entry-level positions. LIM offers an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in Fashion Marketing as well as a master’s in fashion marketing, offered on campus or online. In most cases, having hands-on experience or internships make candidates for fashion marketing jobs more attractive, which is why LIM College’s programs include a mix of in-class studies and real-life experience.

Who is a Good Fit?

Fashion marketing requires both fashion sense and business acumen. Candidates for fashion marketing positions should be prepared to use both quantitative and qualitative skills to learn about target audiences and devise creative ways to drive sales. Good fashion marketers are creative, up for a challenge, and willing to work in a fast-paced environment. As we say at LIM College, this is a career where business meets fashion. If you have a passion for fashion and an appetite for business, this could be your dream career.

Sample Coursework for Fashion Marketing

Here are a few of the courses that are part of a fashion marketing degree at LIM College:

  • Consumer Behavior
  • E-Commerce
  • Global Markets
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Interactive & Internet Marketing
  • Power of the Brand
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media & Mobile Marketing
  • Fashion Marketing Management
  • Luxury Brand Management in the Fashion Industry
  • New Media Marketing in the Fashion Industry


Fashion Marketing Degrees at LIM College

Interested in pursuing fashion marketing? LIM College offers several fashion marketing programs, each designed to fit your goals, schedule, and experience level.

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) / 4 Year Degree
Through courses in advertising, brand management, public relations, direct marketing and more, you’ll learn how to understand consumers, identify their desires and develop solutions to meet their demands. You will graduate with a marketing degree that will prepare you for success in highly-competitive, fashion-driven fields.

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Graduate Programs

Master of Professional Studies in Fashion Marketing (MPS) *Offered Online & On Campus
Advance your career in the fashion business with a Master of Professional Studies (MPS) degree in Fashion Marketing. Unlike other fashion master’s degree programs, LIM College’s master’s degree in Fashion Marketing focuses on hands-on experience as well as theoretical knowledge of fashion. Learn how to predict the next big trends, build and maintain fashion brands, and keep customers engaged.

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