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As a leading institution for education in the business of fashion since 1939, LIM College initiated the Fashion Educators Grant program in 2019, recognizing the commitment of individuals teaching fashion-related college courses—and the importance of their continued engagement and advancement.

Fashion Educator Grants are designed for college faculty who teach fashion-related courses and do not yet hold a graduate degree. The program offers an affordable pathway for instructors to enhance their existing skill sets and facilitate their upward mobility in the realm of higher education by earning an advanced degree.

Grants cover 50% of the cost of tuition in any of LIM College’s 30-credit Master of Professional Studies (MPS) degree programs.

Grant recipients may enroll on either a full- or part-time basis and can complete their program on campus or online.

*not all degree programs available in a fully online format



College and university instructors who currently teach fashion-related courses and have professional experience in the fashion industry and do not currently hold a graduate degree are invited to apply for an LIM College Fashion Educators Grant. Candidates must provide proof of full- or part-time employment as a faculty member in a fashion-related discipline at a community, junior, or four-year college.


Application Process

Grant applicants must first apply to the LIM College MPS program of their choice, then complete a grant application.

For more information on Fashion Educators Grants, please email