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Fall 2024
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LIM College’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in the Business of Cannabis degree program provides students with a unique understanding of the rapidly expanding cannabis industry, equipping graduates with core business skills and knowledge.

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The Business of Cannabis Program Overview

The BBA in the Business of Cannabis program at LIM is truly one of a kind, offering an insider’s view of the industry. As one of the nation’s first cannabis business bachelor’s degree programs, it provides a pathway for building a distinct set of specialized knowledge and skills. Graduates are prepared to assume wide a variety of professional positions within the burgeoning field of legalized cannabis.

Curriculum & Careers

Business of Cannabis program courses follow the lifecycle of cannabis from growth to consumer, teaching students what it takes to operate a cannabis business successfully.

Key courses in the program include:

  • Cannabis Product Development and Merchandising
  • Regulatory Issues in the Cannabis Industry
  • The Cannabis Supply Chain
  • The Business of Cannabis Cultivation and Manufacturing
  • The Marketing of Cannabis

Business of Cannabis majors are required to complete 13 experiential education credits, including three internships, and an immersive, full-semester senior capstone.

Review Program Requirements

Business of Cannabis majors can select a minor—from over 20 options—that aligns with their specific professional goals.

Possible minors include:

  • Digital Business
  • Sustainability
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Retail Buying and Planning

Required internships allow you to get invaluable workplace experience and apply what you’re learning in your courses to real-world situations. Internships also provide the opportunity to make significant professional connections and build a stellar resume while you are still in school.

Internships may be completed remotely or in person anywhere in the U.S.

LIM’s Business of Cannabis students have interned with:

  • Edie Parker
  • High NY
  • House of Puff
  • Mattio Communications

Undergraduate Internships  Career Development Resources

Cannabis Industry Internship and Job Requirements
LIM College welcomes licensed and legal employing organizations in the business of cannabis. LIM College understands that marijuana (medical and/or adult-use) is legal in New York and in many other states yet remains prohibited under federal law. Further, Hemp and certain CBD products are federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. The regulatory requirements related to employment in the cannabis industry vary from state to state and are rapidly changing. Employment and internship opportunities may be limited or restricted based on state regulation and the extent to which a state has legalized the sale of cannabis. Some states have implemented licensing or other approval requirements for employment at a cannabis business. Students under age 21 may be restricted in their ability to work at a cannabis establishment and in accessing age restricted websites for employment information. A state may also require graduates or interns to undergo a criminal background check or other investigation prior to employment, the results of which could impact your ability to work in the cannabis industry. Age requirements and other employment stipulations may also vary by segments in the cannabis industry, such as ancillary, hemp, or CBD businesses. LIM College has not yet determined whether its cannabis business programs meet the cannabis employment licensing requirements of every state. As that information becomes available on a state-by-state basis, LIM College will update its disclosures appropriately.

There are a multitude of exciting career opportunities for aspiring professionals with the right combination of cannabis industry knowledge and core business skills.

Here are some of the areas in which you can pursue a career if you have a bachelor’s degree in the Business of Cannabis:

  • Branding and Social Media
  • Manufacturing and Operations Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Supply Chain and Logistics

The Business of Cannabis Career Pathway  Life After LIM

Why Study The Business of Cannabis at LIM

As the first college with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in The Business of Cannabis, LIM has set the standard for cannabis business education.

As a student in this program, you will learn directly from professionals working in all areas of the cannabis industry, including marketing and branding, cultivation, retail, and compliance.

Our faculty members have started their own cannabis companies, written cannabis business books, led professional cannabis industry organizations, and more.

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Our students get to meet industry pioneers and observe the cannabis retail boom first-hand.

LIM & the Cannabis Industry

What does cannabis have to do with the business of fashion and lifestyle?

The cannabis and fashion industries share many characteristics—from the importance of retail operations and supply chain considerations to the types of branding, merchandising, and marketing used, and the skill sets employers look for.

Through LIM’s network of industry connections, cannabis-focused curriculum, and expert faculty, students have abundant opportunities to directly engage with and gain experience in the industry, and graduates will be prepared to work for leading cannabis businesses.

Student Life & Support Services

LIM provides a wide range of academic resources and counseling services, comprehensive career development assistance, and extracurricular activities in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

You can also take your academic experience further and make meaningful personal connections by becoming involved in a student-led club or organization (such as our chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy), volunteer opportunity, or travel abroad program.

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Earn a BBA in The Business of Cannabis at LIM College

Start preparing for your dream career. Earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in the Business of Cannabis.

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