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Welcome to the fashion industry. Welcome to LIM.

Before you can start, make sure you follow these important steps.

Below you’ll find information about housing, orientation, financial aid, transcripts, deadlines, and everything you need to get done to be ready for your first day. You’ll also find ways to contact us, because we’re here to help with whatever you need.

What’s better than an LIM Accepted Students Day event?

THREE Accepted Students Day events!!!

Don’t miss the first one on Fri. Feb. 26 from 5:30 - 7:00 PM.

Log on to meet your new classmates and talk to current students, alumni, and faculty. We’ll cover lots of stuff you’re probably wondering about, including:

  • What does studying the business side of fashion really mean? What career paths can it lead to?
  • What financial aid is available – and how do I get through that process?
  • What’s it like to live in Manhattan?

You’ll also find out how you can be part of our first-ever “Concept to Runway” Competition – where you create a look that could be featured in our annual Student Fashion Show.

RSVP NOW for FEB. 26

More details will follow, but here are the dates and key highlights:

  • April 10: Panel with Fashion Media professionals and editors of The Lexington Line / “Concept to Runway” Pitch Panel
  • April 23: LIM Virtual Fashion Show We look forward to connecting with you!

*Attend all 3 Accepted Students Day events and be entered to win one of three $100 Amazon Gift Cards!

The first thing you need to do is pay your enrollment deposit ($400) and complete the Tuition Agreement Form.

You can pay your enrollment deposit by debit, credit, or e-check at the Applicant Status Page. If you do pay online, you will need submit your Tuition Agreement Form to our Office of Student Financial Services separately.

You can also pay by check, cash or money order (see address below).

If you have any questions about submitting your payment, please contact our Office of Student Accounts for details.

LIM College
Office of Student Financial Services
12 East 53rd St.
New York, NY 10022

Phone: (212) 310-0689
Fax: (212) 750-3452
Email: sfs@limcollege.edu


Orientation consists of a series of activities — including group talks and meetups, and info. sessions about student services, programs, and procedures. Visit our Undergraduate Orientation page for all the details. Remember, you have to be an enrolled student to be part of Orientation events, so make you secure your spot in our next class today!

New York State Law requires that all students have immunization records on file at LIM College in order to attend classes. Have your healthcare provider complete the form (link below) and submit it to our Office of Counseling and Accessibility Services via email to cas@limcollege.edu.

Immunizations Form

LIM College
Office of Counseling and Accessibility Services
216 East 45th Street
New York, NY 10017

Phone: (646) 218-6048
Fax: (212) 750-3466
Email: cas@limcollege.edu


Don't leave money on the table! Apply for financial aid. To start this process, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine your eligibility. Just put the LIM College school code 007466 on your form and we'll automatically get a copy of your FAFSA.

These are challenging times for many students and their families, but we're here to help make your education more affordable. If you'd like to discuss your current financial situation, please book a personal appointment with a Student Financial Services Counselor.

For more details on the types of financial aid that may be available to you and how to apply for it, visit our financial aid page.

All students must be financially cleared to attend classes. "Financially cleared" means you have either paid your tuition or have plans on record with the Office of Student Financial Services that demonstrate you will have the funds in place to pay your tuition (that can be through a combination of grants, loans, scholarships, a payment plan, etc.).



All LIM students are required to have health insurance. If you aren’t already covered by your own or your family’s plan, don’t worry, we provide a student health insurance plan (through Gallagher).

And to make sure that everyone is covered from Day One, we automatically apply a charge for student health insurance to your account.

  • If you don’t have your own coverage already, you’re all set. You can visit www.gallagherstudent.com/LIM for information on plan benefits, prescription drug coverage, finding a doctor and how to submit a claim.
  • If you will have your own insurance or be covered by your family’s plan, all you have to do is submit a waiver to the Office of Student Financial Services with proof of that coverage, and we’ll remove the student health insurance charge.

LIM College
Office of Student Financial Services
12 East 53rd St.
New York, NY 10022

Phone: (212) 310-0689
Fax: (212) 750-3452
Email: sfs@limcollege.edu


First-Year Students: LIM College must receive your official final high school transcript after you have graduated. New York State Law requires that you submit proof of high school graduation in order to sit in our classes in the fall. If you cannot obtain your final high school transcript, you can submit your official diploma. We also need all official final transcripts for any college/university classes you have taken or are now taking.

Transfer Students: You must submit all your college/university transcripts to the Office of Admissions to receive transfer credit for the courses you’ve taken.

Oh, and we can't accept photocopies – we need the real thing!

International Students: You must submit official secondary school equivalency. The document(s) must represent the equivalence of high school graduation in the United States. All documents not written in English must be accompanied by a credential evaluation performed by any NACES accredited evaluation service.

International Baccalaureate students must submit final grades along with course descriptions or syllabi to receive credit for completed courses.

Final High School Transcript Request Form

Admissions Policies

International Baccalaureate Course (Level)

LIM Course (3 Credits Per Course)


Biology (SL/HL)

NTSC 9999 Science Liberal Art

5 or higher

Chemistry (SL/HL)

NTSC 9999 Science Liberal Art

5 or higher

Economics (SL)

ECON 2100 Economics

5 or higher

Economics (HL)

ECON 2621 Macroeconomics

ECON 2622 Microeconomics

5 or higher

English (SL)

ENGL 1100 English Composition

5 or higher

English (HL)

COMM 2010 Critical Thinking: Reading, Writing and Research

5 or higher

Environmental Systems (SL)

NTSC 2150 Environmental Studies

5 or higher

Geography (SL/HL)

NTSC 9999 Science Liberal Art

5 or higher

History (HL/SL)
History of Africa
History of Asia/Oceania
History of Europe
History of Americas
Islamic History

HIST 9999 History Liberal Art

Non-Western History Requirement
for Bachelor of Science degree

5 or higher

Language Initio AB (SL/HL)

Conversational French I LANG 1531

5 or higher

Language Initio AB (SL/HL) Spanish

Conversational Spanish I LANG 1511

5 or higher

Language B (SL/HL) - French

Conversational French II LANG 1532

Qualification From Conversational French I LANG 1531

5 or higher

Language B (SL/HL) -Spanish

Conversational Spanish II LANG 1512

Qualification From Conversational Spanish I LANG 1511

5 or higher

Mathematical Studies (SL1)

MATH 9999 Mathematics Liberal Art

Placement into MATH 1100 College Algebra

5 or higher

Mathematical Studies (SL2)

MATH 1100 College Algebra

5 or higher

Mathematical Studies (HL)

MATH 1501 Calculus

Qualification From MATH 1100 College Algebra

5 or higher

Psychology (SL/HL)

PSYC 2314 Introduction to Psychology

5 or higher

Philosophy (SL/HL)

PHIL 2110 Introduction to Philosophy

5 or higher

Social Anthropology (SL/HL)

LART 9999 Liberal Art

5 or higher

Geography (SL/HL)

NTSC 9999 Science Liberal Art

5 or higher

Theatre Arts (SL/HL)

Elective credit

5 or higher

Visual Arts (SL/HL)

Elective credit

5 or higher

Stay up to date

Once you submit your Enrollment Deposit (Step #1), you can set up your LIM College email account. You should begin using your LIM email immediately, so you can receive updates and important info. about Orientation and courses. If you need help with your email account, contact LIM's IT Help Desk at (212) 752-1530 ext. 390 or by email.


Get social!

Get connected with LIM College and your classmates by using #LIM2025 and #LIMTRANSFER. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook Class of 2025, and check out our Instagram.


All first time freshmen will receive a placement based on scores on file or a recommendation to complete the online placement exam. The placement exam is taken online through Canvas and must be taken in order to register for classes. Students may also opt-out of taking placement exam(s) and will be placed in the appropriate co-requisite coursework.


Transfer students will receive a transfer credit evaluation within three weeks of being accepted. The evaluation will include which courses transfer to LIM College and which courses you still need to take to earn your degree. Based on your evaluation, placement exam(s) or a placement exam opt-out form may be required. Transfer students must submit official college transcript(s) in order to register for classes. 

Once you've scheduled your classes, you can purchase or rent textbooks online or in the LIM Bookstore in our Maxwell Hall building (216 East 45th St.). You can also get course materials, LIM apparel, and supplies at the Bookstore.

LIM College Bookstore
Phone: (800) 677-1323 ext.420
Email: bookstore@limcollege.edu


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Orientation consists of series of activities — such as group talks and meetups with Student Mentors, and info. sessions about our academic majors, global programs, and fashion careers.

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