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Fashion Merchandising
Careers & Job Outlook

You’re interested in fashion merchandising but you might still be wondering what kind of career this degree will lead you to and what your life might be like as a fashion merchandiser. Read on for fashion merchandising career options and outlook, position descriptions, and tips for starting a career in fashion merchandising.


Starting a Career in Fashion Merchandising

Have you ever wondered how the items in a clothing, jewelry or shoe  store got there? Or maybe you’ve appreciated the carefully-curated selection of a small boutique? If so, a career in fashion merchandising  might be right for you. Fashion merchandising careers focus on understanding fashion trends to make business decisions that will maximize profits for fashion companies and stores. Acquiring fashion merchandising skills can provide access to several career paths in the exciting and fast-moving business side of the fashion industry.


Jobs You Can Get with a Fashion Merchandising Degree

Courses in fashion merchandising prepare you to read fashion trends, predict what consumers want, and then use that knowledge to help fashion businesses drive sales. A skillset in fashion merchandising can be used in several  types of positions and career directions. Here are some of the jobs you could get with a fashion merchandising degree.  

  • Fashion Buyer

    Job Description: Fashion buyers make decisions about what products should be ordered, re-ordered, or left behind. They stay acutely aware of past and present fashion trends to predict the next big thing to order for their store. In addition to keeping up with new styles, fashion buyers also negotiate with wholesalers about pricing. Fashion buyers must not only have an eye for fashion, they must also have quantitative skills to measure performance of product sales and make data-driven decisions.

  • Fashion Director

    Job Description: Fashion director is a senior role in fashion merchandising that goes beyond trend research and buying. A career as a fashion director means coordinating events such as fashion shows and photo shoots to promote certain products and designs. Fashion directors may also play a lead role in marketing campaigns and managing relationships with sales representatives.


Fashion Merchandising Job Outlook

What is the career outlook for fashion merchandisers? By 2019, globaldata.com predicts that the global apparel, accessories, and footwear market is expected to be worth more than 2.2 trillion U.S. dollars. Currently, more than 25 million people are employed by the production and sale of apparel and accessories worldwide. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the field of Fashion Merchandising are expected to grow by 7 percent through 2024.


How to Start a Career in Fashion Merchandising

Most fashion merchandising positions require more than a high school diploma. The best way to make yourself a successful candidate for a job in fashion merchandising is by earning a degree specific to fashion merchandising. Candidates with hands-on experience and / or who have completed internships related to fashion merchandising will be even more attractive to employers, since they will be able to hit the ground running. For more advanced positions,  such as fashion director, you’ll need to build up a at least a few years of career experience and prove yourself in the industry.

Fashion Merchandising Programs at LIM College

Interested in starting down the path to a career in fashion merchandising? LIM College offers several fashion merchandising programs, each designed to fit your goals, schedule, and experience level.

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) / 4 Year Degree
The BBA program at LIM College provides a foundation of core courses in liberal arts and business. This degree serves as the perfect gateway to graduate studies.

Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) / 4 Year Degree
The BPS program at LIM College provides a focused approach to preparing you for a career in fashion with many professional courses.

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) *Offered Online / 2 Year Degree
The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) program in Fashion Merchandising & Management program will provide you with a foundation to begin— or continue— a career in  fashion or enter a bachelor’s degree program.

Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS) / 2 Year Degree
The AOS program at LIM College is an intensive academic program that prepares you to jump into your career immediately.

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Graduate Programs

Master's in Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management (MPS) *Offered Online
With a Master of Professional Studies (MPS) from LIM College, you gain a competitive advantage in today’s retail, apparel, and merchandising markets.

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